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Something Along Those Lines
Oberon sat at the base of a rather large tree. He was waxing philosophic, humming an old fairy roundel he learned in his youth. His mind was spinning ideas, constantly thinking.

If we can claim Camlann we can control all, if not most, of the iron in Pentamerone. If we can control the iron then no one can control us.

He sighed. There was much at stake. There was no guarantee that they wouldn't fall ill once, if, they inhabited Camlann. Living so near the mines might prove dangerous.

Of course, we could trick our human friends into mining it all out for us. We could destroy it all. Or hide it where no one could find it. There should be no cause for fear from iron for us in this land, so resplendent with magic.

War danced over his mind. He had never led any sort of honest to god campaign, but he had faith in his ability to lead his people. Once the bloodshed began they could practically lead themselves.

Of course, we will have to placate Titania. She will need to understand all I want for the Unseelie and how that has nothing to do with the Fair Court. She will not understand until I give her a reason to understand. A reason to fight for her own destiny. A reason to fight for her own court, separate from mine.

He closed his eyes in the bright morning sunlight. It was amazing that so much light reached the forest floor. Even with all of the dead leaves on the ground the forest was thickly branched and tangled. It was a little breezy, stiff and chill. He shivered and his back rubbed up against the bark. It was a pleasant sensation, though it tore at the scratches Puck had left from their last aggressive "meeting of the minds."

It is long past time that we part ways. Our courts have no business being together. The council has disbanded for so long it is almost out of memory. There is nothing holding me to her, and nothing holding her to me. It is time.

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Pleased with himself as usual, but a little bit moreso, Puck moved among the trees like his cousins the dryads, jumping from branch to branch and flinging himself freely between the forest's anciet sentinels. Something, however, made him pause. A niggle of a familiar presence that had his lips splitting intoa wider smile.

He found Obern resting beneath a great, black-barked oak and, moving silently, he snuck down the tree's truck, intent on pouncing on his unsuspecting prey.
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/13/2007 19:10:18  

Oberon might have sensed him if he wasn't so deep in thought. Oblivious, he continued quietly with his humming, thinking the creaking of the leaves quite fitting accompaniment.

Past time, he thought. Puck will like this. I wouldn't be surprised if he jumps right on the idea.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 02/13/2007 19:19:29  

Well, the unseelie king was close. No sooner had he had the thought then Puck was literally falling into his lap, landing far more lightly and with greater grace than any mortal could hope to manage. "How fair you, my king?" came the younger fae's laughed greeting. "Did I catch you unaware?"
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/13/2007 19:24:42  

"You did indeed," he said with a great smile. "You seem wonderfully cheerful my Puck. Tell me, what mischief did you cause today?"

He was all affection, his arms wrapping happily around his boy.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 02/13/2007 23:16:45  

Puck scooted closer in Oberon's lap, looking smug and self-satisfied. "I fooled a little fake faery into owing me a favor. And I learned a few things that may or may not interest you." He had no real mind for courtly intrigue, but Oberon might find use for what Puck had learned earlier that day.
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/13/2007 23:24:05  

"Do tell dear boy," he said, intrigued and proud all at once. Leave it to my Puck to discover the most interesting of details, as if by accident of nature.
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"Well," he began, as if gearing up for a long and entertaining bout of gossip as he walked his fingers up Oberon's chest. "I ran into a faerie who wasn't a faerie. She was about to be swept away by a river, but I saved her. For some unfathomable reason she was building a hut from twigs and sticks." He paused, frowning; he really couldn't quite wrap his mind around that. "Anyway, it turns out, she's the crown princess of the Flower court - by marriage. But she's run away." And that Puck took great delight in sharing, eyes sparlking. "Apaprently she didn't like being a faerie princes - the twit. She lied to me about it at first, but I got the truth out of her." His head cocked to the side and he wrinkled his nose. "She has no magic at all and her wings were a wedding gift. Can you imagine? Apparently she's just a girl. A tiny, tiny girl. No bigger than your thumb." And saying so, he lifted Oberon's hand, toying with the digit in question.
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/14/2007 17:11:06  

"Now that is interesting," he replied, capturing Puck's fingers as they played with his thumb. "I should not wonder if there is some kind of ransom for this runaway princess..."

To return her to the flower court... Yes. It's perfect.

"We must keep an eye on her my Puck." He clapped his hands twice and one of his many servants appeared on a branch above. "Describe the girl," he instructed to Puck. "You will watch her, in shadows, quiet as can be. Do not lose her," he instructed to the servants peering down at them from the height of a lower branch.
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Puck did as he was instructed, giving an almost picture perfect decription of Tiny and just where exactly she could be found. "Ransom is good," he added after the servant hurried off to do its king's bidding. "But you know what's even better?" A smile bloomed across Puck's face like a beautiful, poisonous flower. "She owes me a favor. We made a deal."
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/14/2007 23:04:04  

"A favor?" he asked. "My you have been a delightfully busy boy." Oberon laughed a little. "What ever could you want from a fake faerie princess?" he asked, leaning in and grazing his lips over Puck's cheek. He whispered into his ear: "when there are so many other things you could have for the asking?"
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 02/16/2007 11:52:40  

That really was terribly distracting and it took Puck a moment to reassemble his thoughts to murmur, "I'm not sure yet. But she is really, very tiny. so small you're hardly notice her. And she has no magical presence whatsoever. I daresay she'd make quite the little spy." He spared Oberon a glance from beneath his lashes, light's slipping down from Oberon's eyes to linger on his lips. "Unless you have a better suggestion...?"
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/16/2007 14:25:58  

"I will take your idea under advice. Perhaps we can play this little fake faerie in a number of ways which will benefit us." He smiled, watching Puck's eyes lingering. "Today has been quite serendipitous."
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 02/17/2007 18:11:57  

"Serendipitous?" Puck had to take his time with the word and his brow furrowed slightly, half with the effort and half because the effort had to be taken in the first place. "How so, my king?" His fingers had strayed from Oberon's thumb to dance across his palm before tugging the hand in question to rest on his hip.
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/17/2007 18:20:16  

"Our plans are coming together and pieces are falling into our laps." It is almost as if I am justified in this course of action. Oberon grinned. "It's a good day," he said, his fingers digging a little into the hip they now rested on.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 02/19/2007 18:28:20  

"Indeed, it has." The reminder of their plans for war and all the chaos that would ensue because of it had a smile blooming on Puck's face. And speaking of blooms...Wriggling happily in Oberon's lap, the younger fae added, "Oh! I've a gift for you!" He started to dig around in the little pouch he kept on him for gathering a variety flowers and herbs for potions and the like. A moment later he produced a single black bloom. "I found it in a part of the woods I'd never been to before and I'm not entirely certain what it is. But I thought it would suit you."
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/20/2007 16:20:19  

It was breathtaking and peculiar, something to cherish and later study. He held it close to his chest and allowed Puck to see the love he felt for him in that moment. So much more thoughtful than my wife. "Thank you," he whispered, his face soft and open.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 02/20/2007 16:37:45  

It was so rare for Puck to touch his king in any other way than physically. Or rather, it was rare for Oberon to let him see it so clearly. But when it happened, for that single moment, Puck's whole being paused to dwell on the fact that he'd done something wholly right in his existence. Puck's expression was just as open, the constant, confident veneer he wore stipped away for a moment to give a glimpse of the love, loyalty, and uncertainty that kept him happily under Oberon's command. I knew you'd like it, my love. The words were left unspoken, hidden in the gentle kiss Puck pressed to the corner of his king's mouth.
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/22/2007 18:41:24  

Oberon was truly surprised when his words failed him. He sat there, dumbstruck. How am I so surprised? These are things that I have always known and felt. This is how Puck is and will always be. This is how I have always been with him. Why do I find myself wordless in his presence now? He smiled vaguely, leaning his forehead against Puck's. his fingers found their way to Puck's back and wrapped him in a silent hug, much more telling than sharing passionate kisses.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 02/24/2007 12:42:28  

Puck closed his eyes, feeling oddly exposed in this quite moment even while still fully clothed. He leaned into Oberon's embrace gladly, though, content to stay there in his kings arms for as long as time would allow.
From: [info]fairking Date: 02/24/2007 19:50:25  

He might have stayed here forever, and indeed he did stay holding his favorite boy for a very long time. Yet the day called and their plans needed to begin in action. He pulled back very gently. "Shall we begin, Puck?" he asked gently. "Are we jumping into this so soon?" Do we make war? he added in his head, not certain Puck would catch his meaning altogether.
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The words weren't an unpleasant break to the silence. Puck had been starting to fight his own restlessness to maintain their quiet reverie; he was glad Oberon had broken it first. And what his king had to say certain turned his mind to other wickedly pleasant pursuits. "Hesitation is for the weak-willed and feeble of spirit. You are neither, my king." The flattering words were as much for Puck's benefit as they were for Oberon's. This war was going to be the most interesting thing to happen in ages. He didn't want anything to get in the way of the promise of such great fun. Not even the faerie king's vague uncertainties.
From: [info]fairking Date: 03/05/2007 16:29:01  

"Of course," Oberon replied as if a question had been asked. "Of course there will be great consequences. We make war for amusement, and greater things to come, but no one can know of our ulterior motives until the time is right." They must be willing to risk their lives for the moving of our court, without knowing that is the end goal. He smiled a little. Such fierce loyalty is alive and well in our faerie court. There will be few who will resist the call to arms.
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The smile that curved Puck's lips was nothing short of devilish. "It'll be a grand trick, that. Perhaps the greatest." And, oh, that filled him with such anticipation. Nevermind the outcome - though he would of course hope for one that favored his king - it would be the means of getting there that would most delight the oft times malicious fey.
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