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Two shapeshifters chanced to meet on an open road...
Who: Genkurō and Shūhei
What: Meet for the very first time
When: Easily a hundred years ago
Where: along a road near another town in another place...
Rating: R for disappearing boobies, giant balls, and coitus interruptus.

[Shūhei]: Looking back, Shūhei realized that that had been a bad idea. His hindsight was always perfect, and now he realized, traveling down the road, that getting that close to the innkeeper's unmarried daughter was not a good idea. At least not in that particular town. Some places put far less stock on virginity. This hadn't been one of them. Shūhei felt neither guilt nor remorse, and he wasn't particularly attached to the girl, which made her father's ire that much worse. It wasn't the first time that month Shūhei quite literally turned tail and ran. She was worth it though, he remembered, a smile on his face. She was young, her skin soft, pale, beautiful, her breasts... oh, her breasts... The expression on his face was pure bliss, and it was more than clear he was in his own world as he wandered down the road. He had no money, but he did have some leaves, some already turned, and those layered the top of his purse, which looked very full, and rather inviting.

[Genkurō]: It was a slow night. Not many travelers had made it down this particular road and Genkurō was beginning to wonder if rumors of robbers - particularly those of a lovely, feminine type - had started to spread to the towns and villages along this route. Maybe it was time for him to move on to greener pastures... But almost as soon as he'd had the thought, Genkurō heard someone coming along the path. He stood quickly, brushing moss from his brightly colored kimono, made sure his shoulders and the pale swell of his cleavage was left temptingly bare in the moonlight, and took up seemingly unconsciously alluring pose by the side of the road.

[Shūhei]: It took until Shūhei was practically on top of the young woman to notice her form lying there alongside the road. But the moment he did, all other thoughts left his head straightaway and he fell to his knees beside her. "Excuse me? Miss? Are you all right?" He reached out to one pale shoulder and gave it a gentle shake, unable to help noticing if her kimono had slipped down just a fraction more.... Eyes lingered, as did his hand.

[Genkurō]: Genkurō's smug satisfaction didn't show on his face as he fluttered long dark lashes and sat up slowly, leaning heavily into that oh-so helpful hand. It was almost too easy. His bosom heaved prettily as he sighed, "Oh, I'm quite all right, kind sir. I was just enjoying the moonlight. It's such a fine evening, don't you think?" And quite a fine young man, Genkurō added mentally as he got a good look at his prey. Yes, they'd definitely have a bit of fun before the fox relieved him of his money.

[Shūhei]: Heavens above she was prettier awake than asleep, and Shūhei's eyes strayed yet again as she inhaled deeply. "It is indeed," and his smile grew flirtatious. "Wouldn't it be finer if shared?" His hand still rested on her shoulder, and it moved slightly, a caress that could have been dismissed as accident. But the expression in his eyes left not doubt to his meaning, or intent. The troubles that had him on the run already forgotten, Shūhei decided to make the most of this new opportunity.

[Genkurō]: 'Accident', his ass. Men were so predictable; it was part of the reason why they were so easy to fool. and this one seemed no different. Smiling coyly, Genkurō met the young man's gaze from beneath his lashes. "Indeed, it would be much finer." He shifted, 'inadvertently' baring one finely-shaped leg and leaned well into the traveler's personal space, so close their body heat mingled in the cool night air. "I hope you don't think me too forward, but it's rare to see such a fine young man such as yourself unaccompanied. Dare I assume that you're...unattached?" Not that it really mattered.

[Shūhei]: Shūhei made it a point to be habitually unattached. "You assume correctly." Shūhei's smile was pure charm, and he slid a hand down her arm to her hand, to raise to his lips for a chaste press of lips. He didn't expect this to be quite that easy, but alarm bells ringing were absolutely nowhere near his head. "May I take that as an invitation to enjoy the evening with you?" He was already seated beside her, closer than strictly necessary.

[Genkurō]: He giggled behind his hand at the little kiss, a delightful sound that had charmed many a man over the years. "You may, indeed. I would be..." a catch of breath here, dark eyes intent "...most pleased if you enjoyed the evening with me." His meanings was clear enough buried beneath the innuendo. Come on, Genkurō coached silently. Make your move, kid.

[Shūhei]: Not a soul alive needed more of an invitation than that, and Shūhei certainly didn't. Eyes drifting from hers down to lips, he leaned in brushing his lips against hers, a soft, almost gentle kiss at first. And then his slipped his tongue in past her lips and the entire kiss changed. If there was one thing Shūhei was inordinately good at, this was it. The kiss was slow, seductive and thorough and he shifted both himself and her closer as it lingered.

[Genkurō]: Genkurō usually approached his seductions with a certain amount of calculation and this time was no different. At least, it started that way. It was indeed a rare occasion when just a simple kiss could leave him breathless and pressing closer for more. A hand came up, drifting along the line of the traveler's jaw before going to slip around his neck, fingers tangling in dark hair. Genkurō decided then that, if this young man was even half as good at sex as he was at kissing, then maybe he wouldn't take the man's money after all. Well, not all of it, anyway.

[Shūhei]: It didn't bother Shūhei that he hadn't asked the young woman her name, nor had she asked his. Those kinds of arrangements worked out quite well for him. But when she started kissing him back in earnest, the idea of calling this simply an arrangement seemed kind of... cold. And he wasn't thinking at all because her fingers were in his hair, just at the nape of his neck. And he gave himself over entirely to the kiss, hands gently, then more firmly, kneading the flesh of her shoulders, slipping slowly beneath her kimono.

[Genkurō]: The stranger's hands were warm on Genkurō's skin and more than welcome. Parting his lips to deepen the kiss, his shoulders lifted in a graceful shrug and the top of his kimono started to slip down his arms, baring more of his perfect, pale breasts - hey, he knew how to do the job right - to the night air. They were the best distraction for many a man he'd seduced, usually distracting them so much that they never minded that they never got his kimono completely off, thus keeping his tails still hidden away.

[Shūhei]: Shūhei didn't realize he wasn't the only one worrying about keeping his tail hidden. But he really wasn't thinking about that right now, not when she'd just started slipping out of her kimono and those lovely perfect breasts he'd gotten a brief glimpse of before were in full view, absolutely begging for his touch. Who was he to deny? Slow, steady movement southward, touching, teasing and all the while he didn't break the kiss. If anything, he deepened it.

[Genkurō]: Okay, this was definitely headed in a very nice direction. Genkurō moaned softly at the touches and, taking care not to break the kiss or reveal his tails, he moved carefully to straddle the traveler's hips, feminine hands slipping down to go to work at the ties of his hakama. Genkurō made quick work of them, the wide-legged trousers left loose and open around the stranger's waist, and the kitsune reached in to find his prize. He'd worry about the money later.

[Shūhei]: Well then. This was going quite well indeed. Shūhei moaned softly in his throat, the sound almost a cooing. Soft hands were making swift work of his clothes, and maybe Shūhei should pay just a little more attention, because his tail might make a bit of an appearance at this rate. Then again, the young lady was about to find she had quite a handful - or two - and that might just distract her. That or the fact that Shūhei was returning the favor, one hand slipping down her stomach and lower, the other cupping a firm breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers.

[Genkurō]: "Ah..." Genkurō gasped as those clever fingers did some very lovely things to his body - then again, when his own hand found that the stranger's, uh, testicular fortitude was abundant indeed. Genkurō's eyes went wide and he stared at the young man for a moment before pulling aside fabric to get a look at just what he'd been touching. And lo and behold, this guy had, without a doubt, the biggest balls Genkurō had ever seen. And he'd seen quite a few pairs over the years. "..." he said eloquently.

[Shūhei]: Shūhei laughed. There was no other way to respond to the expression on her face. He'd seen worse reactions, honestly. He threaded a hand in her hair, unable to keep the grin off his face. "How well said," was all he responded before he leaned in to continue that kiss. The moment he leaned forward however, his tail jerked, freed from its position partially under him, rustling in his hakama.

[Genkurō]: Still distracted by that impressive sight, and pulled into another equally impressive kiss, Genkurō nearly missed that faint sound. And if he weren't blessed with the sharp ears of a fox, he would have. But he did hear it and, despite the promise of more pleasure to come, it niggled at him and he broke the kiss, albeit reluctantly, to ask, "What was that?"

[Shūhei]: "That was nothing," Shūhei responded immediately, cheeks going just a little red. Curse that tail. He sincerely hoped the silly thing wasn't about to ruin what was promising to be one amazing encounter. His usual good luck seem to fail him now as it rustled again - he really couldn't control it when he was this excited.

[Genkurō]: When it happened again, Genkurō sat back on his haunches, one delicate brow arching. Nothing, huh? His own tails flicking in irritation beneath his kimono, the kitsune smiled sweetly, shifting enticingly on the stranger's lap; it was one of the more enjoyable forms of interrogation. "You're not hiding something from me are you?" he purred, walking his fingers slowly down the young man's chest until his hand slipped between his thighs once more.

[Shūhei]: Shūhei's eyes slipped half-closed. "Perhaps I should have said nothing important..." he murmured in reply. But as soft and calm as his voice sounded, his tail was quite the opposite. It swished, almost madly, making that sound again, louder this time. Had Shūhei been able to pay more attention he might have noticed a similar sound coming from the young lady's kimono.

[Genkurō]: There was that sound again, louder now and coming from behind the stranger. With his mark distracted, Genkurō wasted no time. Moving quickly and suddenly, the kitsune reached behind the young man, grabbing for something, anything. His fingers closed firmly around something soft and furry, and he pulled, trying to get a look at it.

[Shūhei]: Shūhei yelped. It was a sound not much like anything a human makes; rather it was more like a puppy's yelp when it's accidentally kicked. He flailed, dumping the young lady unceremoniously, and accidentally off his lap. His tail, now free, swished about in an offended sort of manner, and he gritted his teeth against the already subsiding flash of pain.

[Genkurō]: Genkurō made a similar sound as he was flung off, the yip that came from him more startled than pained, but just as inhuman. The kitsune ended up with a face full of dirt and leaves and his ass in the air, tails swishing about furiously in irritation. Sputtering in indignation - and to get the taste of rotting vegetation out of his mouth - Genkurō pushed himself up and started to straighten his clothing with sharp, angry movements. "You have a tail!" The accusation was ridiculous given the circumstances, but he didn't care. No kitsune enjoyed being fooled when they intended to do the fooling.

[Shūhei]: Shūhei did not miss that angry swishing. In fact, his mouth dropped open and he pointed at the writhing mass of kimono that he recognized all too well. "So do you!" His tone was less accusatory; if point of fact, Shūhei was entirely intrigued. Heedless of the fact that his hakama was still open, leaving him exposed, he squatted in front of the surprised... creature. "But you're not a tanuki." It wasn't a question. He hadn't seen what that tail looked like, but he knew, somehow, it was not the same as his.

[Genkurō]: "Of course I'm not tanuki," he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Arms crossed over his still very lovely chest, he huffed and gave the stranger, the tanuki a measuring look - pausing a little longer than necessary between his legs. Well, might as well, the cat was out of the bag. So to speak. He rolled his eyes and let go of his current image. It was instantaneous; where there had once been a beautiful, disheveled young woman, not there was a pretty, disheveled young man. He pulled up the hem of his kimono, revealing his two fox tails, and said almost petulantly, "I'm a kitsune."

[Shūhei]: Shūhei's eyes lit up like a child's. In fact, he practically clapped with excitement as he rose to his feet. "A kitsune? That's great!" He moved in close reaching for one tail with curious fingers. "You have two tails. I only have the one. It's kind of funny this situation, isn't it? That neither of us are human." He seemed to have already forgotten that the kitsune had been pretending to be a young woman, except for his random sounding comment of, "Hmm. You're pretty like that too. And I like your tails. But yeah, it's funny!" His own was red, ringed with black, much like a red raccoon's.

[Genkurō]: Genkurō's tails twitched out of reach before the tanuki could touch them, features still pinched with annoyance. He was slightly mollified, however, by series of surely unintentional compliments and he sniffed lightly before allowing, "I suppose it is rather amusing." And he had to admit, the tanuki's tail was rather attractive. His own tails flicked once, then settled beneath his kimono. "What's your name, tanuki?" A beat, then, "I suppose this means that you don't have any real money on you, huh?" He'd never run into a real tanuki before, but he knew enough about them to know some of their tricks. Tricks he was impressed with, not that he'd admit it.

[Shūhei]: Shūhei seemed surprised by the sudden topic shift. "Shūhei. What's yours?" And then he kept talking, answering all questions at once, and adding his own. "No. I never have any money, not for long anyway. I have leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. Why do you ask? Did you need money?"

[Genkurō]: Genkurō's mouth opened to answer the question, but didn't get a word out because the tanuki - Shūhei just. kept. talking. Until he finally stopped and Genkurō waited a beat to make sure he was done before answering, "No, I don't need money. I just wanted yours when I thought you were just a traveler with too much cash and not enough sense. But there's no point now." More's the pity, because he had been enjoying himself a great deal before things went sideways. "And to answer your original question, I'll answer to Genkurō."

[Shūhei]: Shūhei cocked his head. "You were going to take my money? You know, that happens to me a lot. Thats why I never have any. So people wind up taking what they think is money and end up with leaves instead." He didn't seem to notice - or care - that he still hadn't bothered to re-tie his hakama. "It's too bad that's all you wanted. I was having fun. I liked kissing you. You're good at it." There wasn't any trace of guile or charm in his words now, nor hurt, just open honesty.

[Genkurō]: The kitsune regarded Shūhei with a considering look after that little ramble and finally said, "You just say what's on your mind, don't you?" Not that it was a bad thing, just...unexpected and unusual this day and age. The gods knew Genkurō rarely said what was on his mind unless it was advantageous somehow. Like now. He couldn't see any real downside to him saying, "I never said that was all I wanted. You're not so bad at kissing yourself." Understatement! "Tell you what," he continued, a little, sly smile curving his lips. "We can continue with our fun, and I'll forgive you tricking me like that." As if Shūhei had been the only one being less than honest. "Who knows? Maybe we can form some kind of an arrangement. Something makes me thinks we'd work rather well together." Genkurō was certain their skills could compliment each other given the right circumstances and the right con.

[Shūhei]: There was probably something off about that statement, but Shūhei didn't seem to notice. Instead, he smiled a wide happy grin. "That sounds like a good idea. I think we would. You seem good at tricking people. I like tricking people. That's good!" And he really liked the idea of continuing their... fun. "I'm glad I got run out of the last town. Maybe I wouldn't have met you otherwise!" Shūhei stepped closer. "And kissing you is really good. We can keep doing that now?" And more, perhaps?

[Genkurō]: He really is so simple, Genkurō thought with some amusement, but lacking any real disdain. He closed the distance between them, that sly, little smile growing a few degrees warmer and quite a bit more inviting as he looped his arms around Shūhei's neck. "Yes, we can continue that, and I'd ask you if you had a preference for this form or the one I had before. But for someone reason, I don't think you really care." Which was just one more thing he was starting to like about this tanuki. It would take a bit more time to acquaint himself with Shūhei and his quirks, but he had a really good feeling about this. He'd ponder that more later. For now... "Shut up and kiss me, before I change my mind." There were other more pressing matters to attend to.

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