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The Sleeping Woods (Open to anyone!)
Tiny was exhausted, but happy. Having spent the morning gathering materials for a small shelter, she was quite pleased with the many twigs, thick leaves, and grasses she had gathered to create her little home. She had to admit, she was even a bit excited to be on her own, and to be doing so much for herself. But regardless of her excitement, she had spent the morning paddling a lily pad back and forth along the river, carrying her materials along with her, and her arms hurt.

So Tiny took it easy with her last load, letting the lily pad float on its own, mostly, and she took a rest, sighing and surveying her find before letting her eyes settled on the birds that flew above. When her eyes fell upon the sparrows, she felt a pang in her heart. I wonder what my dear friend is doing now.., Tiny mused silently, and she hoped he was well.

Too involved in her thoughts Tiny was, and so when the lily pad smacked into a protruding rock, Tiny flailed, small limbs waving through the air madly. A airy gasp escaped, and Tiny rocked back and forth before falling to her knees, her palms clinging to the floating plant.

"Whew." Tiny swept her hair back from her face, and shakily stood. "I must pay attention to what I'm doing." She murmured, looking into the swirling water below her. Tiny had no swimming skills, and she certainly did not want to be stuck at the bottom of that river. Who knew what kind of creatures may mistake her for some sort of insect. Tiny reached behind her to pick up her "oar"...and blinked when she found it missing.

"...Oh, NO!!" Tiny cried out in disdain as she saw the twig she had been using float away, as though mocking her. Sure, she could have flown right off the lily pad...but she had too many sticks and leaves to carry in the air. Tiny sighed, wondering how she was going to manage this.

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High above, lying unnoticed in the outstretched boughs of a willow tree, Puck had been watching the little fairy struggle with her task for quite some time now. Instead of offering to help like any decent person would, he'd instead watched with idle fascinating, making little wagers with himself on how long it would take her to either give up, collapse from exhaustion, or get scooped up by some aerial predator for its dinner. Now, having finally grown bored with just watching, Puck deigned to hop down from his tree, landing on the riverbank and called casual as you please, "Need some help?"
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Tiny jumped, flailing and nearly falling from the water lily again. She had been in the middle of trying to paddle the little boat along with her arm, not having any twigs big enough to work nearly as well as her previous "oar" had. The falling giant startled her, to say the least, and Tiny ended up flat on her bottom again. She stared up at Puck with wide eyes, and then finally gave a nod.

"...I need to get my things onto land. I'm using them to make my home, you see, but I lost the stick I was using to paddle myself over to the bank." From where she was compared to Puck's height, her voice seemed small and whispered.
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Puck heard her well enough, familiar with fae of all shapes and sizes, and he regarded her with a tilted head and a considering gaze. "Why not use magic? Or ask for other flower fae to help? Your ilk are usually all about the cooperation." His tone wasn't quite disdainful, just faintly mocking and amused and a trace curious; his usual tone when addressing most people.
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She blinked, confusion making her brows furrow. "Magic? Magic? I don't know magic. And the Flower Fairy Court wouldn't help me even if I wanted them to." Of course, she was thinking that Puck was referring to the Flower Fairies that were after her arrest, the ones her "husband" commanded.

She gave a huff at the pile of twigs, crossing her arms. "This is my last bundle, too."
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He looked down at the fairy in patent disbelief. "No magic?" He sunk down into a crouch and reached for the little fairy's lilypad, dragging it easily to shore. "What kind of fae are you that you have no magic?" Faeries were made of magic, the very core of them spun from thre stuff; one just couldn't exist that didn't have any magic. He was mroe concerned about that than he was about her apparent falling out with her court. He knew court politics were fickle and he very rarely had the patience for them.
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"Woah!" She stumbled a bit when Puck dragged her lily pad, but her eyes lit up. "Thank you! You are very kind to help me."

Tiny gathered up a handful of her twigs, hopping from the lily pad and onto the banks. "I am not a fairy or a fae, or whatever you wish to call them. I'm a girl...or a young lady, I suppose." She set down her stack, and hopped back onto the lily pad for the rest of it.
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Puck brushed off the thanks with a quiet grunt. He hadn't done it to help her, but rather to get a better look at her while talking. "Not a faery?" he asked as he sat on his haunches and watched her immediately get back to work again. "Impossible. You've the wings of a flower faery, therefor you must be one." It was said with absolute conviction.
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She set down the second bundle, and looked indignantly at Puck. "I am telling you the truth!" At the mention of her wings, Tiny craned her neck to glance at them, and they fluttered a bit. "My wings were a gift from the flower fairies, when I marr-" Her voice cut off there. Maybe this fellow knew the flower fairies, and he would run back and tell them where she was, and she would be caught. She didn't want that.

"....A gift. That's all. But I am not a fairy. I was born a girl, and I will always be a girl." She insisted, and knelt, working at tying the bundles of sticks together with a long piece of grass.
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A gift. Puck's eyes narrowed slightly. He'd caught that stumble of words and there was no doubt in his mind that the little faerie-who-wasn't was lying. However, what he said was, "So you're a fake." And then he moved swiftly, faster than the tiny girl could possible escape thanks to his size and reach, and he lifted her right off her feet by her delicate wings, holding her aloft at eye level. "What did they want from you then, the flower court?" Because hardly ever did faeries give away something for nothing.
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She shook her head. "Not a fake..I don't pretend to be a fairy." Tiny was tying quite the splendid knot around her sticks when she felt her feet leave the earth. She squealed and flailed, legs kicking and arms propelling in the air. "Ow! Hey! What are you doing?!" She was staring into the taller form's eyes, and she stared wide-eyed at his question.

"They...didn't want anything."
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Puck snorted and shook the little not-faery about by her wings. "You're a little liar, is what you are." He tossed her up in the air and caught her, fingers closing around her in a firm, but not crushing grip. "Faeries always want something. I'm sure if I do this - " he started tugging less than gently on one delicate wing " - that you'll feel more inclined to tell me the truth."
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Tiny gave a little shriek when she was shook about, and then tossed up. "I am no-OT!" The small maiden pressed her palms against his fist, pushing upward in a vain attempt to free herself, but finding herself trapped in his hand.

And then came the tugging. Tiny yelped, trying desperately to reach back and stop the assault on her wings. Again, she met failure square in the face. "Stop! D-Don't pull them off, oh please!" Her first thought was how badly that might hurt, but she was even more horrified by the thought of not having them. She had grown very fond of her wings.
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The tiny girl's protests only had Puck laughing, a strangely innocent, carefree sound given the malicious nature of his actions. "This is all your fault, you know. You needn't have lied to me, but you did and now I get to have fun." He paused then, and cocked his head. "Unless, of course, you do decide to tell me the truth."
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He was laughing at her! What a horribly cruel creature...he wasn't kind at all!

She gave him an indignant glare, and a frustrated sniff. Tiny tossed back her hair, and released a huff of breath. "... Fine. It doesn't seem I have much of a choice, DOES it?" She crossed her arms over her chest, and looked away. "If you must know, I am married to the Flower Fairy Prince, and I ran away. The wings were a wedding present."
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"Is that all?" Puck let the girl fall to the soft dirt of the riverbank and let out a huff of irritation and disappointment. "And here I thought it would have been something interesting." He looked down his nose at her. "Hardly a secret worth having your wings ripped off for, if you ask me. Anyway," he added, hopping to his feet. "I suppose I owe you proper deference." and so saying, he skirted a shabby bow. "You highness."
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She gave another yelp as she dropped to the wet dirt, too startled to even think about flying. Tiny stood, brushing off the simple brown dress, glaring up at Puck. "Well, you needn't have been so rough with me! But...thank you, for not tearing my wings off." She gave them a flutter, and then raised her eyebrows at his bow and words.

She hid a little smile behind her hand. "Hardly...You can call me Tiny."
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"I know I can, it's what you are." Puck said easily. "But I think I'll call you...Puny. Princess Puny. Yes, Puny suits you quite well." Crossing his arms, he leaned against the willow tree he'd previously bene perched in. "So, Puny, why are you out here building yourself a hut instea of enjoying all the perks of being a Princess of the Flower court?" It was definitely something worth question. And, Puck thought, a bit of information that might be useful later.
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"PUNY?!" She squealed, her fists clinched at her sides. She flew upwards, floating before Puck with an annoyed look on her face. "TINY. Not Puny! And I'd much rather live out in my little hut than in the Flower court. I'm tired of having a new name and being told what to do and being ordered to bear children for that pompous sack of ego!"
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He watched her little rant unfazed, his expression bland. When she finally finished Puck simply arched a brow and all he had to say was, "Well, then you shouldn't have married him, should you? No one to blame but yourself, Puny."
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She fumed."I didn't agree to marry him, thank you. Swallow took me away from the Mole and dropped me off in the flowers, and then the prince saw me and declared me his wife. I didn't even know what was happening! And then all of these fairies started gave me wings and the next thing I knew, I was a princess!" Of course, she was so infuriated that she didn't even realize she wasn't making much sense.
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"And yet you're complaining," Puck pointed out, amusement apparent in his voice, twinking in the depths of pale eyes. "Most people wouldn't complain about becoming royalty. And I'm still not seeing how it isn't your own doing. The word 'no' is in your vocabulary, isn't it?"
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Tiny sighed. "Yes, I'm complaining, because I'm not royalty. I'm All I wanted to do was go home and see my mother. That's all I want to do now. I never chose to leave my home in the first place. The ugly toad took me away." She slowly floated down until she landed softly on the ground, and knelt, finishing the knot that she had started before. "I tried to say no. They wouldn't listen." Tiny hefted up her bundle of sticks, swaying slightly from the weight.
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With her gaze downcast, Tiny missed Puck's roll of eyes, but the look passed quickly and he pitched his voice into soft tones of sympathy. "I see. Perhaps I've been a bit too harsh with you." He crouched down once more, face the very picture of concern. "You know...I could help you see her again if you'd truly like?"
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Tiny blinked, and she looked up, clutching the bundle of twigs against her chest. One could barely see her eyes over the stack, but they met Puck's, and she stared at the expression of apparent concern and care.

" could?"
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"Indeed, I could," he assured her with a small, gentle smile, the curve of his lips hiding the heart of a charlatan. "I will, of course, have to ask for something in return. It's just how these things go, you understand." Good or bad, one hardly ever got something for nothing.
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Tiny watched him for a moment, trying to gauge his sincerity. He had helped her off of the runaway boat, after all, but he had also shook her about and threatened to tear her wings off. He was a confusing fellow, that she definitely knew.

Tiny bit her lip, and her hands stroked a chunk of her hair nervously, passing the strands over and over between fingers. "...What must I give you in return?"
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"Nothing really," Puck said casually, shoulder lifting in a shrug. "Just the assurance of a favor when I ask it of you. A one time thing." He tilted his head, expression still sweet and calm, showing no hint of the malicious glee from moments before. "Would you fidn that agreeable?"
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Tiny's bundle of twigs fell from her hands, and her eyes took on a dreamy expression. Seeing her mother again...she couldn't even imagine how wonderful that would be. Her heart ached sometimes as she wondered if her mother had given up on her or not.

"...If you truly could help me find my mother, then..." Her voice faded, then picked back up. " How can you help me?"
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"I know of a particular flower," the larger fae began, chossing his words carefully. "If you drink its nectar, you will see your mother again. Many a loved one has bene reunited becaus eof its magical powers. I've never known it to fail." Everything he'd said was true, but what he hadn't said was this: the flower merely showed the drinker in visions what they most wanted to see, to know. It didn't get the person any closer to attaining their goal. That they had to do for themselves.
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"A magical flower.." She repeated in a whisper. He had mentioned magic before...and she had witnessed a small bit of it herself while married to the prince. Tiny drew in her breath, and then nodded. "...Okay. All right. I'll do it! W-Whatever favor you need...Just please, help me see my mother again!"
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Oh, he had her now. Completely. It was all Puck could do to keep the triumphant grin from his face, his smile was instead kind and totally innocent. "I'd be happy to. All I need is for you to shake on it and give your word." He held out a finger for her to take hold of and warned, "You do realize that once you give your word, once you shake and agree to this, that you are bound by magic to fulfill your part of the bargain when the time comes, right? As am I."
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Tiny began to reach for his finger, and then paused at his words. What if he asks me to do something I am against? But...I will get to be with my mother again. Oh, it is worth it. Yes! She nodded once. "Yes. Yes, I understand." And she clutched his finger, shaking it up and down with her two little hands.

"...May I see her now?! Please? Can we go to the flower?"
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"Then we have a deal," Puck murmured and something flickered behind his eyes, a shadow there and gone in an instant. He held up a hand to curb her tongue and cut her off. "Patience. this flower is delicate and rare. It will take me a day or two to find one, but I will bring it to you here. You will still be here in a few days' time, yes?"
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Tiny didn't even notice the flicker of quick shadow. She was too giddy, far too busy imagining what her homecoming would be like. But then disappointment etched her features, and she frowned. "...A day or two...? Oh..."

But then she brightened, as though someone had flicked a lightswitch within her. "...I could prepare for my homecoming in those days...perhaps make Mother a gift..." Oh, she could weave a little flower ring for her mother's finger! "I will be in my little shelter, just beyond that rosebush there." She pointed.
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Puck watched her make her plans with nary a flicker of guilt at knowing how crushed the tiny girl would been she discovered the truth of what the faery had offered her. No, he just smiled and nodded as he stood, preparing to take his leave. "You do that then. Make your plans. And I will find this special blossom for you." He started to turn to leave, then paused. "Please try not to get swept away or eaten before I get back. I'd hate to make a waste of a trip."
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Tiny looked at him indignantly. "I will not be eaten. I will be waiting for you in my little house." And then the dreamy smile returned to her little face. "Oh, I must get to work on my preparations! Mother will be so pleased to see me! Thank you, Mister-" She paused. "..Please, what can I call you?"
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"Robin Goodfellow," he called over his shoulder, not pausing in his stride. "I'll see you in two days' time, princess." A few more steps and he seemed to melt into the surrounding woods, as if he'd never been there at all.
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"Good bye then, Mister Robin Goodfellow!" She called out, waving her little hand fiercely until Robin seemed to completely disappear. She tilted her head, and then let out an enormous squeal of joy. Her arms extended, and she floated up, spinning around in circles before landing again. Tiny took up her bundle, and sped off for her home, just beyond the rose bush.
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