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The Kingdom of Estervale [open, open, open!]
Olympus - the highest mountain in Greece - wasn't the place it used to be. Mortals had become curious. Mortals had become powerful (Prometheus was surely to blame for that). Mortals liked climbing mountains. Disgusted, Zeus had moved them all to neo-Olympus, a place fashioned high in the ether to function as their new home. It was here that Soter, God of Safety, Deliverance, and Preservation from Harm, was nursing a broken heart.

At first he'd slept for a really long time. Then he listened to sappy songs from the mortal realm. Then he wrote stupid love letters that the goddess Clotho would never read from him. Finally, he threw himself into his work on the mortal plane. Humans always needed saving, whether from accidents, from animals, from other humans, or from themselves. But it was frustrating... Pull one guy out of a brawl in the bar on the corner, watch him for a day, and he was back in the same place again, in the same circumstances. Durn it, why didn't they ever learn? Why didn't they ever...

Augh! It was frustrating. After weeks of working straight through the days and night, Soter sat down on a park bench somewhere in the Midwest and closed his eyes. Mortals. Maddening! But just then, the laughter of a small group of children behind him caught his attention. There was something in their laugh that turned him, that drew him closer. He smiled warmly as he watched them build castles in the sandbox, as they made up stories for themselves and each other, stories of far away distant lands and knights and maidens and dragons and wizards... That was the kind of place that Soter would like to see. He could almost feel the wind in the trees, could almost smell the roasting of pheasant, could hear the nickering of horses as they clip-clomped their way down the center of town, dirt lightly puffing up from their hooves...

Soter opened his eyes, and it was all there before him, just as he and those children had imagined it. Maybe he should've been more worried than he was, maybe he should've tried to figure out what just happened, but he just couldn't bring himself to care. This was really what he was hoping for, the kind of world he lived through a good 800 or 900 years ago. Swiftly adjusting his clothing from his 21st Century t-shirt and jeans to something simpler - tunic, leggings, one of those silly hats Soter had always been fond of - and headed out down the center of town.

Already, his heart was feeling better. Oh, this was going to be GREAT!

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Genkurō hurried down the cobbled street quickly, glancing over his shoulder to make sure his companion was still following. They'd arrived in Estervale a couple of days ago, intent on enjoying the city and making a little extra real money in the process. Everything had been going smoothly - except for the making money part. The money Shūhei had given the innkeeper for their room and board had unfortunately returned to their natural leaf state far sooner than expected and now the kitsune and the tanuki were on the run from the irate man.

Genkurō was so busy trying to keep an eye out for Shūhei and the innkeeper that he forgot to keep an eye on what was in front of him. Namely a young man that the fox spirit had the misfortune to run headlong into.
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Shūhei was right behind Genkurō, for once not getting distracted from his purpose. His kimono picked up above his ankles, he ran along behind Genkurō. At least he had been until the kitsune ran right into somoene else, and of course, Shūhei ran right into him. "Ow!"
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"Whoa, whoa, hey!" Soter exclaimed, catching them both before they could fall. He steadied them quickly, then grinned and patted each on the shoulder blade. "Hey now. Is everything all right?"

His smile was genuine, his eyes warm with friendship. "C'mon, you look like you two need to sit down for a second! What're you running for? It's not safe to run without looking where you're going, you know...."

And he gestured toward the side of the road, inviting them both to sit down for a bit and catch their breaths. He'd watch after them, just to make sure they were all right.
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Genkurō blinked wide brown eyes up at the stranger he'd literally run into and, mind working quickly, he grabbed onto Shūhei's currently feminine hand in his own as he let the strange guide them out of the middle of the causeway. It wasn't hard to feign breathless and anxious; that's exactly what he was as he still cast nervous glances over his 0 currently her - shoulder. "Th-thank you, kind sir," he breathed, head lowered demurely. "You have probably saved my sister and I from a horrible fate." He squeezed Shūhei's hand. Play along.
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Shūhei could be very quick sometimes, and this was one of those moments. His eyes went wide and a trifle helpless as he clung to Genkurō's hand. "Yes. Thank you," he repeated, his voice pitched soft and high, like a young girl's. "We... we were running from the inkeeper-" and he cut himself off with what look like a worried look at an older sister, one that seemed to ask, Should we tell him?
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Soter frowned deeply. "Innkeeper, mm?" he asked, looking past their shoulders and down the street. "In that case, maybe we should get you two out of the street altogether....Uhmmm....."

He did some quick looking around, found a tavern, then mumbled a little. A tavern was no place for two young girls. But then again, it looked like it doubled as an inn. He knew the place, but if he maybe claimed that they were his sisters....

Screwing up his face, he shook his head. They didn't look like they could be his sisters. Cousins? Nieces? Augh. No, they didn't look like they could be related to him at all. Hrm. So... So.... His eyes skipped on ahead until he spotted a church. It brightened him up a little. Churches let anyone come in, just as long as you gave tithes! And they got protective sometimes, too, even though they did more harm than good during this era.

"C'mon," he said, offering a hand to each of them. "I've got an idea."
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Weighing the options in his head, Genkurō finally gave a barely perceptible shake 'no' of his head. He'd learned that it was better not to lie outright unless absolutely necessary. Instead, with somewhat of a grateful, if frightened look, he regarded the handsome stranger's offered hand warily. This gentleman was so eager to help and while he didn't look particularly rich, Genkurō was sure they'd be able to get something worthwhile out of him. If they played him right. "No offense, sir, but we don't know you. How are we to know we can trust you? How do we know that you won't...won't threaten to do strange, perverse things to our persons like the innkeeper?"
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Shūhei leaned a little into Genkurō, watching the stranger with wary eyes, as if worried his "sister's" words might be true. He didn't exactly recoil, or step back, just slid closer as if for protection. Just the right amount of fear was in that little voice as he responded, "Where are you trying to take us? Who are you? My sister's right, how do we know we can trust you? You could be as bad as that man..."
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Soter was horrified. And angry. And more determined than ever to watch over these two. He wasn't a god of revenge - he didn't go out and wreak vengeance on those who had harmed others - but he sure as heck did get angry about it when he found out that someone had been hurt.

Then again, by looking at them, they didn't... they didn't feel like violence had been pressed upon them. Maybe it wasn't too late for them, then? Maybe he could still protect them. Maybe they had gotten out just in the nick of time.

"I'm taking you two to the church down the way," he said, gesturing far toward the steeple. "But we'll have to hurry. I can't give you anything other than my word that I won't try to hurt you - either of you - and I know it's hard to trust, but please, please, try."

His blue eyes jerked up away from them again and he looked once more down the street. Still nobody. Maybe they'd slipped away when the innkeeper wasn't looking? Maybe he was asleep or drunk or...busy... with other things. Soter almost headed toward the inn instead, just to find the man, just to see what he was doing, but no. No, no, these two little girls needed help, and he couldn't just abandon them. That wasn't his way.

"Will you come?" he asked again. "Please? We can stay on the street if you feel better about it, but it'd be safer to cut through the town instead. It's up to you two...."
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Well, he certainly seemed to be earnest enough and Genkurō trusted his instincts when it came to reading people. This man would keep them safe. Squeezing Shūhei's hand again and giving his "sister" a look that said I think we can trust him, the kitsune fixed wide, innocent brown eyes on their savior and nodded slowly. "Very well. We will go with you." And not a moment too soon for not too far behind them down the road, there was a commotion and then a shout of "There you are, you little slatterns!" A burly, ruddy-faced man was rushing right for them, fists clenched tight and a fierce temper in his eyes.
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Shūhei barely had a chance to nod at Genkurō before the innkeeper appeared out of nowhere, and now he flung himself at the helpful stranger, small fists against his chest, looking up with large appealing eyes. "He found us! Oh please, please we'll go with you, just don't let him get us!"
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Soter melted, right then and there. One arm went protectively around the girl who flung herself at him, while the other reached out for her...sister? Maybe her sister. "Come on!" he said, starting for the narrow alley between two buildings. "I think we can lose him in the town!"

And they were off. He kept their hands in his, tried to keep his strides smaller so as not to drag them around (they were so small!), and weaved in and out through the buildings toward the church a fair distance away.

What Soter really wanted to do was face down the innkeeper. Horrible mortal! But his duty lie with the two at his sides, and he was only too happy to care for them.

They made it to the church, and Soter was almost sure the innkeeper hadn't been able to follow them. Releasing the smaller girl's hand, he threw the door open and ushered them into the dark church. A priest looked up in surprise, and Soter cried immediately, "Sanctuary!"

There. That ought to keep the priest happy.
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Running as fast as her currently dainty legs would carry him, Genkurō didn't have too hard a time keeping up with their would-be hero. They had indeed managed to lose the innkeeper and make it to the church in one piece. Taking a moment to catch his breath and to look around the dim interior while "comforting his sister", the kitsune finally asked after a long moment, "Thank you, sir, for all that you've done for us. Would that we could repay you in some way..." The words were innocent enough, to be sure, but there was something underlying them that anyone of less than pure intentions would have picked up on. " have a question, though." Another look around before fixing those far-too trusting eyes on the young man. "We're safe here, yes? But we can't stay here forever. What will we do when we have to leave? What if the innkeeper is still looking for us? What then?"
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Shūhei hadn't let go of the man's hand yet, small soft hand still in his larger one. "Yes, please if there's anything - a bit too much emphasis on the word there, just enough - "we can do, please..." And then he looked at Genkurō as if he hadn't considered the possibility of the innkeeper still looking for them after the fact. He turned back, chewing nervously now on lower lip, worry etched clearly on his face.
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"Awh," he said, shaking his head. "It's okay, it really is. You don't have to do anything, just be safe, all right? Where were you two going when you came here? Maybe once the innkeeper's gone back to his inn, we can get you there safely, mm?"

As he talked, he fished around for his pockets, then remembered that he didn't have any, and instead looked for the change purse that should be attached to his...ah-ha! Yes, right where he hoped. Fishing out a few coins, he headed toward the front of the chuch and dropped the money into the collections box. It was only right.
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Arm gone around Shūhei's slender waist, he murmured, "Shh, Yachiru. We'll be okay." Meanwhile, Genkurō's mind worked quickly, coming up with a variety of answers to their rescuer's question and settled on, "We were headed West to Lake Raienia to enjoy a little vacation. If you would accompany us, we would be...incredibly grateful." Especially when the jingle of coin caught the kitsune's attention, first from the young man's purse which he hadn't noticed before. Then from the collection box. This might actually turn out more lucrative than he initially thought.
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Shūhei returned the embrace immediately, face buried in Genkurō's neck, pressed so close it seemed to go just a little beyond sisterly affection. At least most people might have thought so, and tried to dismiss it, but not been quite able to shake the niggling thought entirely. "I don't want to stay here, Ayumi," he response, a catch in his voice. That wasn't exactly true. They hadn't had much chance to explore Estervale yet, and they had so many more face to choose from to do so with.

And yet Shūhei couldn't stop his ears from pricking up at the sound of coin either. Money. Real money. Exactly what they came her for. He already knew the wheels in Genkurō's head were turning quickly and was completely ready to go along with whatever he suggested.

He looked back at Soter at Genkurō's suggestion. "Oh, oh that would be wonderful.. but oh, that would be asking far too much, wouldn't it?"
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Soter couldn't miss how very, very close the sisters were. It seemed strange for this place, but Soter was a Greek god. Incest was natural, even good, from where he came. It just made him that much more enamored with the idea of taking care of the two before him, now that he felt they had some kind of common ground.

But what they said... Soter gave them an arched eyebrow as answer. He wasn't born yesterday.

Glancing left and then right, he took each of them by the elbow and gently tugged them into one of the pews in the back of the church, once he'd finished donating a reasonable amount for this people's God.

"I'd love to help you two," he said, looking each of them frankly in the eye, one after the other. "But you really aren't going on vacation to Lake Raienia, are you?" He paused, allowing meaning to seep into the silence. And then, when the girls started to begin to look uncomfortable, he spoke again.

"No unarmed girls would travel all this way without an escort in these parts, unless they absolutely had to. I don't mind watching over you - I'd love to help any way that I can - but if we're going to do this, then we're going to have to build some trust. I'm not asking you to trust me all at once, but may I posit that lying to your guide is not the best way to gain his trust?"
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"But we have no escort, no guardian," Genkurō protested in earnest. It wasn't much effort at all to muster up the threat of tears and set his lower lip to quivering as he added softly, "We're all each other has in this world." His words were certainly true enough; he doubted the small drum that was his parents counted as any real sort of companionship. He'd have to be on his toes, Genkurō mused, head bowed in apparent sadness. This young man was sharper than he'd initially seemed.
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"Everywhere wo go, it is only with each other," Shūhei chimed in, voice just as soft and sad. The words were completely true, the emotion behind them not at all. "And we do not have the money to hire an escort to accompany us." Also true. Oh, Shūhei could give an escort fake money, sure. But then he'd have to be sure they were well away before it turned back to leaves.

Shūhei paid more attention now than usual. The man was quick, and Shūhei had to let Genkurō do most of the talking or he might screw theing up. This would be a great time for Shūhei's incredible luck to kick in.
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He believed that they didn't have the money to hire an escort or guardian. If they had, then they already would have done it. He also believed that they were alone, though how they came to be alone was up for debate. They could have run away. A father and mother may be crying for their children, somewhere far away. They could have been orphaned recently, though they did not carry the weight of that curse on their shoulders. Soter knew something of that curse, and there was nothing recognizable in them for it that he could see, no overshadowing sadness. No, they were only afraid, and though fear was formidable indeed, it did not orphans make.

But he knew he would be asking too much if he made them tell him the truth. For now, it had to be enough to tell them that he knew that all was not as they said. For now, it was all he could do. Perhaps later, they could trust him enough to tell their story in its entirety.

The priest had seen Soter's donation to the poor box, and was leaving them alone for the most part now, though there were the occasional curious glances. Soter smiled once in a while and waved to the Father, as he talked with the two girls. Finally, he rubbed his forehead.

"All right," he said, though his tone suggested that there would be more about this later. "I'm new around these parts, but I would be happy to serve as your protector on the road to Lake Raienia. Will you be all right once you get there? I assume that you've thought that far ahead, of course..."

Surely they had.
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Of course they hadn't thought that far ahead. The mess with the innkeeper had made them change their plans considerably and now the kitsune and the tanuki were up a creek, so to speak. But Genkurō had learned long ago while traveling with Shūhei that it was much better to try to flow with their change in fortune rather than try to fight against it.

Watching their 'savior' for a moment, Genkurō went with as much truth as he dared to at the moment. "In all honesty, we hadn't planned much past just getting there. Our circumstances are...complicated, but please don't ask us to explain. After all, most people wouldn't understand and...well, we just met you, sir, and we don't even know your name."
From: [info]ivegotbigballs Date: 02/16/2007 12:16:18  

Shūhei nooded his agreement. "It was a whim we even decided to travel this way." Once again? truth. They waere expert at weaving truth in with lies for a believeable story. "I suppose in hidsight it was not the best idea." He looked shyly up at their self-appointed protector and smiled ruefully. "Perhaps we're just too much trouble." Well. That was a huge whopping load of truth there, more that he would realize until hopefully, too late. "Oh!" The exclamation was as though he'd just realized what his 'sister' had said. "Yes, would you tell us your name? You may call me Yachiru, and this is Ayumi."
From: [info]deliver_them Date: 02/17/2007 00:14:57  

"Little Ladies," he said, and in this way his father Zeus' influence showed, though he didn't realize that charm had been genetically gifted to him. "It is my pleasure to meet you. You have lovely names. Yachiru. Ayumi." He tasted the flavor of the names, then smiled again. "My name is Soter. And never fear; I won't press you for the details of your story. Perhaps as we travel together, you'll want to tell me more, but if you never do, I'll still be your escort."

With another terribly charming smile, he held up a hand to them to gesture that they wait, then crept to the church door and put his ear against it. After a second or two of listening, he cracked the great oak door and peered outside. It seemed quiet enough. Perhaps the innkeeper had given up. Frowning, he opened it further and stuck his head out cautiously. Still nothing.

Even with that bit of assurance, however, he wasn't ready quite yet to go. Time was on their side under the church's banner of sanctuary, and it would be wise to wait until he could be certain. Finally returning to the two girls, he flopped down on the pew and stretched his arms over the top of it. "I think maybe we should wait a little longer, if it's all the same with you two?"
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My, my. Well, this Soter fellow certainly had no shortage of charm, did he? Genkurō could feel himself flushing and that certainly hadn't happened in a while with the exceptions of certain activities he and Shūhei. He didn't have to fake the breathy note in his voice when he responded with a quiet, "It is indeed our good fortune to meet you, Master Soter. And I'm certain spending a little extra time in your company won't serve us ill in the least." The kitsune spared Soter a coy smile before glancing over at Shūhei, eyebrow quirking ever so slightly. Perhaps they'd be able to blend business with pleasure in this little venture.
From: [info]ivegotbigballs Date: 02/19/2007 20:54:25  

Guh? Wait, was this Stoer this attractive from the beginning. Shūhei felt himself go a little warm. He returned Genkurō's look with one of his own. One that showed complete agreement. "Well... now we have this extra time on our hands-" and there was no falseness in his interest, "-so we should think of some interesting ways to pass it, don't you think?"
From: [info]deliver_them Date: 02/20/2007 00:57:14  

Soter grinned at the two of them, an open and friendly sort of thing. He knew plenty of pleasant ways of passing the time. Having lived from ancient to modern times, the choices for him were vast and wide. After sorting through a few different options, he finally settled on two or three choices, then broached the subject.

"I can think of a few things!" he said cheerfully. "But I'm not sure you two would have heard of them before. Are you feeling adventurous after having gone through so much adventure today already?"
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The kitsune's eyes gleamed as he smiled warmly up at Soter. "With you as our guide, I'm sure any adventure would be well worth it. What did you have in mind, Soter-kun?" He sent him a glance from beneath his lashes, winding a strand of hair almost shyly around a slender finger. "I may call you Soter-kun, yes?" Genkurō was being scandalously forward with that little honorific, but he felt pushing that little boundary wouldn't go amiss in this case.
From: [info]ivegotbigballs Date: 02/20/2007 15:49:46  

"Hai!" Shūhei wasn't sure of whether Soter would recognize the informality. By all rights, they didn't know him, he appeared a bit older than they - and looks were deceiving on all counts there - and he'd elected himself protector. By all rights they should be calling him Soter-san, Soter-sama even. But Shūhei jumped on the band wagon, and settled on the pew next to Soter, a bit close, brown eyes wide, curious, and coy. "Soter-kun, we are always ready for a good adventure."
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Soter-kun? He figured it was some kind of informal title or something, what with her asking if it was okay for her to call him that. Was he supposed to be offended or honored? He just wasn't sure, but he knew how to answer. "Just 'Soter' is fine, if you want," he said. "But just as long as I know you're talking to me, call me whatever you like!"

Giving the girls a fond smile, he finally looked around the church, blue eyes scanning swiftly. "All right, then, Adventurous ones. It's an easy game, or at least the rules are easy. I'm going to pick something, and you have to guess what it is! Ready?"

He found what he wanted, then grinned and looked back at them. Oh yes, this was going to be fun!

"I spy something.... yellow!"
From: [info]crazylikethefox Date: 02/22/2007 11:27:44  

A child's game. He wanted to play a child's game. It was all Genkurō could do to keep form rolling his eyes, and only just barely. He cut a quick glance at his 'sister' and forced the smile on his face brighter, brown eyes lighting up with false excitement. "Oh, how fun! I'll guess first!" He looked around the church, wondering what on earth Soter could possibly be talking about, then took a stab in the dark. "A candle?"
From: [info]ivegotbigballs Date: 02/22/2007 11:32:55  

Shūhei blinked. That? That was his brilliant idea? His plan to pass time? Screw this. Shūhei had half a mind to confer with Genkurō, slip out, change forms, and try again elsewhere. But then, sometimes it seemed Shūhei only had half a mind to begin with and now was one of those times, as he let himself be easily distracted by looking for something yellow and countered with "Maybe the flowers?" before Soter had a chance to say whether Genkurō had been right with his guess.
From: [info]deliver_them Date: 02/25/2007 01:39:23  

He hoped the girls liked this game. Soter still liked it, no matter how old it was or how old he was. And they were such good sports, too, just jumping into a game they'd probably never even heard of before. Adventurous indeed!

"Oh, that's good, Ayumi! But no, not the candle, and no, not the daisies! Try again!"

He grinned, winked, and then glanced with exaggerated slowness around the chapel.
From: [info]crazylikethefox Date: 03/04/2007 09:39:33  

Genkurō stared blankly at Soter for a long moment. He really did think they were children. Unable to keep his sigh in check, the kitsune followed Soter's gaze around the chapel and tried to figure out what yellow thing he could possibly be talking about. Finally, he met their protector's eyes again and guessed with a thread of wryness in his voice that was at odds with his innocent damsel act from before, "Is it us?"
From: [info]ivegotbigballs Date: 03/04/2007 13:27:16  

Shūhei blinked at Soter at Genkurō's response. His voice was quiet, surprised, and almost a bit disapproving as he responded with naive innocence, "Soter-kun, I don't think that's very nice."
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He had settled his blue gaze on the stain-glass sun in the window, shimmering its bright yellow light into the chapel, but when Ayumi said.... what?!

He stared at her, blinked hard, then stared at her sister when she charged that it wasn't nice.

"N... no, no, it's not nice at all. Where did you two even HEAR that?!" Suddenly, he felt overwhelmed with sympathy. What lives had these two led? What troubles, only because of the color of their skin? Were they running from that life, even now? Vacation, they said... Vacation, indeed.
From: [info]crazylikethefox Date: 03/13/2007 09:35:55  

It was all Genkurō could do to keep from laughing at Soter's reaction. That was priceless! Far more amusing than his attempt at a game. Seeing how far he could ply him along, the kitsune lowered his head, face crumpling as if trying to fend off tears. "Va-various places," he whispered, then added a choked hiccup for effect. "You don't think of us that way, do you, Soter-kun?" Feminine voice warbled here and he managed to force a single tear to roll down his cheek as he glanced back up at the young man with big, limpid brown eyes.
From: [info]ivegotbigballs Date: 03/13/2007 09:43:31  

Shūhei blinked up at Soter, his lower lip stuck out in a pretty pout. "From lots of people," he added, moving over to Genkurō and wrapping an arm around slim waist, as if in comfort. He pressed a light kiss to his cheek and stroked long hair with a shushing sound. And then he looked back at Soter, as if charging him to respond to Genkurō's question. Two sets of wide brown teary eyes were on him now. "You're not like those people, right, Soter-kun?"
From: [info]deliver_them Date: 03/13/2007 23:06:41  

"No, Yachiru," he immediately assured them, while gently wiping that single tear from Ayumi's cheek. He couldn't bear to see women weep. "No, I am not."

Awww. Awww!! He reached out and embraced the both of them with wide, surprisingly strong arms. "I'm sorry for what other people have done to you. Sometimes words can hurt just as bad as anyone with a bad case of heavy fists. I'm so sorry, girlies." And he pet their hair both at the same time.
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