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On the riverbank in the Rajani jungle. [Open to Genkurō, and then others]
Shūhei was collecting leaves. He'd run out last time he turned a bunch into money, paid for dinner, and high-tailed - literally - it back to the jungle with Genkurō. Of course, Shūhei didn't look like Shūhei just now. Right now he wore the face he called Yachiru, a sweet cute looking girl who could get away with certain things Shūhei couldn't. So Shūhei collected leaves, but every few moments stopped and sapced out, drifting places in his mind that even after a hundred years, Genkurō still couldn't navgate with precision.

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Navigating the tanuki's mind was the last thing Genkurō was thinking about at the moment. Wading at one of the narrower bends of the river that flowed through the jungle, he wiggled his currently delicate toes in the cool water and idly considering then tossing aside ideas for new schemes he and Shūhei could engage in next.

Feeling particularly pretty that day, he'd decided to wear his 'Akane' face and was currently pinning up long, damp red hair. It was warmer than usual for that time of year, a rain storm having just passed, and the kitsune was so desperate to cool down that he'd even risked hiking up his kimono, exposing shapely legs and two thick, lovely fox tails. Much as he loved this place, he hoped they'd be moving along again soon enough.
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They'd probably move a long a good deal faster if Shūhei would stop getting so distracted. He followed a path of leaves to the water's edge and then abandoned that task to kick off sandals, hike up kimono, and join Genkurō in the water. Leaves forgotten in his purse, Shūhei skimmed toes, and then bent to do the same with fingers across the surface of the water. After a few moments, he blinked, looked up at the kitsune and asked rather suddenly, "So, what are we doing today? I want to do something."
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Hair secured with a hairstick he'd produced from somewhere within his kimono, Genkurō planted his hands on his rounded hips and blew a stray lock out of his eyes. "You ask that now? The day's nearly gone, baka." There was no real heat in the words, but the kitsune wouldn't mind aome sort of distraction as well.

"Well, there's not much out here," he commented, kicking a bit at the water and sending a little splash in Shūhei's direction. "I suppose we could wait for a traveler to come along, try our hand at another free dinner. Perhaps maybe some actual money for our purses." The last was said with a pointed arch of brow.
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Shūhei smiled benignly. "I wasn't bored before. I am now." He splashed back and pondered the suggestions. "Money. Real money. I want to pay you back at least some of what I owe." His smile was a little rueful after that pointed look. Everytime Shūhei managed to get some real money, which he always intended to give to Genkurō, he always somehow managed to lose it, usually to someone else. Genkurō didn't seem to mind much, Shūhei noted. He never insisted on the money. Besides, if Shūhei didn't pay him back, he'd keep hanging around, something Shūhei often thought to himself. "Let's do that then!"
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Shūhei was right; Genkurō wasn't at all concerned about being paid back, He just wanted to have some actual cash, at least for a little while before the tanuki managed to somehow lose it all again.

Smiling, Genkurō splashed his way over to his friend, tossing an arm around his should. "It's good idea, yes. There's only one problem. I doubt there's anyone around for miles, let alone some stray traveler." Not in this jungle, and certainly not this time of year.
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Shūhei tilted his head, leaning against Genkurō. "Then let's go somewhere else," he suggested brightly. "To town, or along the road, someplace." The hem of his kimono was getting wet now, as he'd let it go absently. He didn't much seem to mind. That is, assuming he'd noticed.
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"Hmm..." His fingers absently toyed with the ends of Shūhei's hair as he thought, body leaning into the tanuki's currently soft curves. Finally, he murmured, "Estervale. Have we been there yet?"
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Shūhei's hands hands gone around Genkurō's waist, smoothing and making small circles at the narrow waist, right where it began to bloom outward to temporarily widened hips. "I don't think so. Where's that one? East?" It seemed to make sense. Estervale. In the east.
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Genkurō laughed softly, sound grown a little husky against Shūhei's ear. "Such a clever one, Shu-chan." The words were mocking but not mean-spirited. "Yes, Eastervale is in the East, the Eastern Kingdom, actually." he considered, then smiled. "I have a good feeling about that place." Thay'd surely make a fortune there.
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Shūhei shivered lightly at the breath against his ear, either not hearing or caring that the tone wasn't entirely complimentary. He looked up, and took the opportunity to press a kiss just under Genkurō's jaw. "I like your good feelings," Shūhei responded, double meaning clearly intentional. "Let's go then."
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