Pentamerone archives

This is where we've posted all the information about Pentamerone that was on GreatestJournal. Note - the game HAS moved to Scribblit Inksome; these are merely archives and will not be updated. All unfinished threads should be copied into a log and reposted to the new community.

Scribblit Inksome Progress

January 29th

There will be some changes implemented to this weekend [these will NOT affect in any way] that will hopefully determine whether the slowness and issues being experienced at are due to the code or to the network provider. Once that is determined, all that will be required is fixing the issue [whether it be using the scribblit code instead of the beta.scribblit one, or simply finding a new provider], the site's issues will be fixed and should soon be ready to open.

For those of you who didn't realize, there are two separate sites - and The original testing was all going on at until unforeseen circumstances forced the admins to duplicate the site to The admins decided to make the site permanent home, planning to switch DNS as such to make the URL point to this new beta site. And then the slowness occurred. This was something that didn't happen on the original site, which has a different provider and server. So implementing beta's code on the old site will test to see if it's beta's code or beta's provider that is the problem.

If this didn't make any sense, don't worry. I'm just trying to keep people updated on what's going on. If you have any questions or comments, please email us, especially to tell us if you're having problems and what they are. If you are not listed here as having issues, please email us and tell us what they are. If you are listed and it doesn't say what your problem is exactly, please email us and tell us what it is.

February 2nd

Happy birthday Pentamerone! As of today, the game is one year old. There will likely be an all-encompassing plot to celebrate, once everyone's able to get on the site properly. More information on this to come.

February 4th

We need a favor. Everyone who was having any kind of issue with beta, please test something for us. We know this goes against everything we told you before, but try logging in with whatever character journal you want to try with at Tell us if it loads/works. Don't post anything you intend to keep for posterity - this is just testing. Ignore beta for the moment and just go right to and try to log in.

DO NOT MAKE COMMUNITY POSTS AT SCRIBBLIT.COM. DO NOT POST ANYTHING YOU WISH TO KEEP. The code existing at is temporary, but it has perfectly copied the one at beta, meaning all journals that exist on beta.scribblit currently exist on the main site of However, the site ARE NOT linked. If you post at, it will not automatically transfer to beta. This is merely a test to see if it's the beta code or the provider causing issues.

Some people noted they experience faster load times/pages actually loading on beta now, in a surprising development. Nothing has been done to beta, and yet some people can load it better now. I've only gotten one report of it works worse for someone. So everyone please test out your journal on Try editing info, going to manage friends, icons, anything that you were having problems loading before, like the most recent post in thestoryteller journal.

Please report back as soon as you can what your results were. The faster you all manage this, the faster we can report to the admins, and the faster this site can finally go public!

If this is unclear, or you have questions, you know how to contact!

April 22nd

So what's the news this time? Scribblit's changed hands. The original site creator Lyn has stepped down due to life issues and handed the site over to her trusted site admin Kit. Lyn was very attached to the name Scribblit, since she created it, and asked to retain rights to it. Thus Scribblit had to be renamed. Beta members took a vote, and the site has been changed to Inksome. All changes have already been made, and is up and running. We have not however heard what this does to the time table and when the site will go live. We're waiting for Kit to settle into his new role before bombarding him with questions.

All links have been changed, your journals are all still there, reachable at Inksome. Invites are turned off as Kit gets himself situated, so we can't create new journals or advertise for new players, but there's no reason the game really needs to be on hiatus. If you want to post, do it. talk to other members [the contact information is still there for you to see]; see if anyone else wants to do a thread or log. Finish old ones [We're guilty of not doing this ourselves]. Any questions?

May 1st

Inksome's open to the public! You can get a journal via invite or paid journal. Playing will being again immediately. Thanks for sticking it out with us guys. We made it!