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Swan ([info]cygnetsong) wrote in [info]pentamerone,
@ 2007-12-19 20:24:00

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Entry tags:mowgli, swan

[Sleeping Woods, evening] Candle in the window. Open to Mowgli.
The sun had set almost an hour before and Swan had transformed as he had every night over the last few years. That wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that, unlike the nights over the last few months, Mowgli wasn't there to greet him again. It hadn't happened often, but often enough lately to concern Swan. Was Mowgli all right? Was he perhaps not coming back despite his assurances? It was irrational, perhaps, especially since Mowgli had told him he was only going out to find them food, but Swan couldn't help but worry.

So he sat now by the cabin window, the weather far too cold to wait for Mowgli outside, with a candle and a fire in the fireplace casting warm, flickering light across the room.

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2007-12-19 17:51 (link)
Mowgli hadn't meant to take so long, but he got sidetracked by not one but two people. He was grateful for his conversation with Tiny; he hoped her advice would work. He hurried up to the cabin, shivering lightly from the cold, and pushed open the door, one hand behind his back holding a clutch of wildflowers. He still wasn't sure why he was supposed to give them to Swan, but Tiny had said so, and she seemed to understand what love was.

"Swan," he said, announcing his presence, though the opening of the door had already done it for him. His one hand remained behind his back, the other holding a sack full of the food he'd managed to get.

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2007-12-22 10:34 (link)
As soon as he heard the door open, Swan was hurrying over, a broad smile on his face when he caught sight of Mowgli. He'd come back!

Kisses were a recent development, something Swan had taught Mowgli a little while ago after the first time Mowgli had returned from a long time away. But it was with no qualms, no hesitation at all that Swan kissed Mowgli then, brief, but warm and welcoming.

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2007-12-22 11:28 (link)
Kisses were still new to Mowgli, but he liked them a lot. And so he returned Swan's kiss with one arm still awkwardly behind him. His kisses were eager but still clumsy, but neither he nor Swan really seemed to mind. And neither of them seemed to mind how long it took before Mowgli finally stopped to say apologetically, "I took too long. I'm sorry."

He put down the bag of food, his other arm still behind him. He seemed awkward, flustered even and finally he brought his arm around, handing the haphazard bunch of flowers to Swan. "I, uh, brought you these?"

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2007-12-25 03:06 (link)
Swan shook his head, still smiling brightly. It didn't matter how long Mowgli had taken; he'd come back. That's all that mattered.

The smile faltered some when Swan noticed how uncomfortable Mowgli had suddenly become, but before Swan could question it, the other man had shoved a rather questionable bouquet under Swan's nose.

He took the flowers with a confused little smile. Was it a gift? Oh! or perhaps a special snack! Swan sniffed at the flowers. They certainly smelled nice enough.

Deciding to give them a try, Swan bit of the heads of a few of the ragged blooms. Well, they certainly tasted better than duckweed in this form, though he couldn't exactly call them tasty. Oh well. Mowgli had tried, and Swan gave him an encouraging smile for his effort.

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2007-12-25 07:59 (link)
Mowgli didn't know if that was the proper response. Tiny never told him what Swan was supposed to do with the flowers. If swan wanted to eat them, that was fine. Mowgli just wanted him to like them. With that little smile still on his face, Mowgli offered a quiet, "I brought them for you. The little woman-thing with wings said I should." And then he was supposed to tell him he loved him, but Mowgli hadn't quite gotten to that point yet.

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2008-01-06 20:48 (link)
Oblivious to Mowgli's other purpose, Swan's brow furrowed slightly in thought. Little winged woman-thing? He wondered if Mowgli meant the little not-fairy woman he'd met by his lake some time ago. He asked her size with gestures, fairly certain there couldn't be that many winged women that size.

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2008-01-07 11:07 (link)
Mowgli nodded, knowing Swan must have realized who he was talking about. "Tiny, I think. Her name. She said, if you..." He paused, trying to remember the right words. "If you love someone, you give them flowers." His speech slowed down, as he looked down at the flowers and then shyly back at Swan. "So, I give you flowers," he finished, shifting nervously.

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2008-01-07 20:27 (link)
Yes, Tiny! Swan nodded enthusiastically, smiling widely at the mention of the little woman's name. He was about to ask where Mowgli had seen her when the other man's words derailed his train of thought entirely.

If you love someone...

Swan's heart leapt in his chest before settling into a steady staccato. Was Mowgli saying what he thought he was saying? Swan searched his face, trying not to get his hopes up, but there was no deception in him. There never was.

Swallowing hard, Swan laid a hand over Mowgli's heart, then pointed to himself? You love me?

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2008-01-07 20:37 (link)
Mowgli's cheeks felt strangely warm and he didn't know why. He thought to ask Swan, but something about the look in his eyes, about the moment... He didn't want to change the subject, not even a little. He mimicked Swan's motion, laying a hand over his heart, and then placing it on Swan's chest. He felt nervous saying it - what if Swan didn't feel the same way? He hadn't gotten to discuss that with Tiny, but there was no time for that now. Instead, he just said, very quietly and shyly, "I love you, Swan."

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2008-01-07 21:09 (link)
He said the magic words aloud and Swan felt the curse dissipate for the second time in his life. There were no sparks, no shining light. There was just a warm, tingling shiver than ran through his entire body as it shrugged off the physical aspects of his avian nature.

With trembling hands, Swan cupped Mowgli's face and, for the first time since Sigfried left him five years ago, he spoke. "I...love you too, Mowgli."

His was soft, hesitant and hoarse with disuse, but the words were no less sincere.

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2008-01-07 21:17 (link)
That was unexpected to say the least. Mowgli had no time to smile, to revel in the fact that Swan felt the same way, to catch him and kiss him like he thought would be appropriate. Because Swan had just talked and Mowgli was confused. Completely confused. "You... talked?" His eyes were wide, his surprise evident even to someone not as skilled as they at reading body language.

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2008-01-07 21:33 (link)
It was a shock, he knew, but Swan tried to reassure Mowgli, stroking his cheek and offering an uncertain smile. "I...I couldn't before," he started to explain as best he could. "I was...cursed. I couldn't speak until you told me you loved me."

Swan's smile grew more sure, brighter as he recalled Mowgli's - literally - magical words. "You broke the curse, Mowgli."

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2008-01-07 21:39 (link)
Swan's smile was still infectious, and it had Mowgli's startring again despite his continued confusion. He'd made Swan able to talk, somehow. That made him happy, but he didn't really understand what had been wrong. "You were... c-cursed? What is cursed?" It couldn't have been a good thing, if it made him not able to talk when he should have been able to. He leaned into Swan's hand as he spoke, his dark eyes searching and holding Swan's.

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2008-01-07 21:47 (link)
Swan's brows furrowed again, fingers sliding up to tangling in Mowgli's dark curls as he thought how to explain a curse. He found himself thinking back to how Sigfried had explained it to him, and Swan's brow cleared. "It's bad magic," he said finally. "But it's gone now." And hopefully for good this time. Swan didn't think he could take it if things ended badly again.

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2008-01-07 21:53 (link)
Mowgli knew what magic was. Sort of. He'd never come in contact with spells and curses like Swan was describing, but he'd seen firsthand the wonders that artists of sleight-of-hand could accomplish, and anything unbelievable like that - or like this curse - was magic.

But that curse was bad magic and he'd made it go away, just by telling Swan he loved him? His smile bloomed wider. "And I made it go away?" He sounded inordinately proud of himself, and he cupped Swan's face with both hands. "Because I love you?"

The fingers in his hair were very nice. Very nice and very distracting, and he leaned into the touch again, hoping Swan kept doing it.

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2008-01-07 21:58 (link)
"Yes, you made it go away," Swan murmured, his own smile wide and Mowgli seemed so pleased as well. "Because you love me."

Swan didn't know if he'd ever felt this happy. He thought he had been before with sigfried, but this felt totally different, better even. Hands still toying with Mowgli's hair, Swan did what he'd wanted to after their first exchange of words and closed the small distance that remained between them, kissing Mowgli softly.

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2008-01-07 22:07 (link)
Oh, kisses were even better than the hair thing. Mowgli kissed Swan back, soft touches of lip that grew just a little bolder. He was learning. Whatever Swan did, Mowgli mimicked, to see if he liked it, and sometimes he came up with something, like licking at the corners of Swan's mouth. And everything he did, everything Swan liked, Mowgli remembered.

He liked kissing. It was this amazing thing that seemed so simple, and yet opened up a complex range of feelings inside him: a happiness and peace mixed with a strange restlessness like there was something more. He idly wondered what that more was exactly, and whether or not he should ask Swan. But later. Right now, they were kissing and he wouldn't interrupt that for the world.

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