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Sujay Bishen
From Minysaea.
Sujay Bishen
Location Alderly
Family Mother: deceased
Classification Shapeshifter/Weaver
Familiar Hypnos, a chameleon
Profession Opportunist
Age 31
Height 6' 1"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
PB Kalani Queypo and Dule Hill

Sujay was born on Aukoa Island. Like many inhabitants, he was gifted with fire, and to a much lesser extent, iron. His mother was a weaver, his father a transient mage who didn't stick around. Sujay's mother never found her life match, and as he grew, she because a dark and unpleasant person. But she recognized her own ability in her son, though she was surprised he had it. Though she wished him a far better life than she herself had, she couldn't help but teach him weaving skill. She knew it would be worse on him if he couldn't weave at all.

Sujay wove dreams in secret as he grew older, understanding how unusual a male weaver was. He never told a soul about his ability, and merely showcased his shapeshifting skill. At least he did while still on Aukoa Island. When Sujay was 17, his mother killed herself. Too many years of the life of a weaver - she couldn't take it any more. The little joys she got from having a son couldn't balance the jaded bitterness of years of weaving. Sujay left home and came to Alderly to try to make a better life.

He started out on the streets of Silk Road, finding the occasional man or woman who'd pay for his company in whatever way they wanted. It was not a steady source of income by any means, and he needed to find something more substantial. One day he met a young man named Marius Laroche, who paid for his services. Repeatedly. It was only after some time that Sujay discovered, when he chose to weave a dream for Marius, that the other man was the foreman in Parliament attempted to impose laws on weaving, and had discovered through some means Sujay couldn't tell, what Sujay's abilities were. In fact, Marius had been using Sujay from the very beginning.

Sujay's retribution was swift and vicious. He trapped Marius in a terrible nightmare, leaving him to slowly rot in it for years. For three years, he's been masquerading as Marius Laroche, and has been living in his home, and off his wealth. Vengeance was served. However, Sujay isn't happy. He hopes his life match exists out there somewhere and he hopes he - or she - can help him find some true happiness before he winds up like his mother.


Weaving, shape-shifting, fire element.


Sujay, over the years, has started becoming jaded and disillusioned, and his bad luck has definitely managed to temper down his good humor. He's become a bit harsh, weaving nightmares for those he dislikes and saving sweet dreams for the rare few he tolerates. He manages to feign decent humor well enough for when he's mingling with people. It gives him a better chance to get to know them as they are, something he uses when he later weaves dreams for them. He often learns secrets about mages when he weaves for them, but rare is it he betrays them. He holds to that rule; if a mage ever does something to anger him, rather than reveal secrets, he'll send them nightmares or put them to sleep.

He has few friends, but is viciously loyal to those few. If anyone crosses him - or them - he will not hesitant to seek his revenge.


Aside from his obvious magical abilities, Sujay is incredibly observant. His memory could be likened to eidetic memory, or photographic. He can recall detail almost too minute to notice, whether in reality or in the mind of a dreaming sleeper. His fire magic is strong, which comes in handy considering that was also one of Marius's elements.


Obviously, Sujay is jaded and a bit bitter, as are most weavers. This often colors his judgment, leading him to make assumptions about others. His magic with every element other than fire is weak, especially water, [though he's decent with iron], and it's difficult for him to cast spells of those natures. This makes imitating people without fire or iron elements a bit difficult. Where it comes to his shapeshifting, he is limited to being able to maintain only two full-on personas. He can copy faces and forms of others, but unless he's spent time developing them, they might be easily recognized as fakes by those who know them.


Sujay's biggest secret is the fact that he is a weaver and a shapeshifter. And most importantly, the fact that Marius Laroche is a real person that Sujay put into a coma, in a never-ending nightmare, three years ago.


His nocturnal habits make people assume he's a vampire. He doesn't care to correct them, knowing people would make a big deal out of a weaver who's a male. It helps to give him the space he usually desires around people.


Hypnos is a small chameleon who lives up to his species by not being seen often. He's very good at blending in, and often spies for Sujay, reporting tidbits of information that Sujay benefits from.