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Soren LeBlanc
From Minysaea.
Soren LeBlanc
Location Alderly

None. They've all forgotten him, and he's moved on.

Classification Scion
Familiar None.
Profession Fortune Teller
Age 20
Height 5' 9"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
PB Ryan Donowho

Soren was born to Chrétien and Adélie LeBlanc in the upscale Aldermere city of Linhaven. The third of five children, neither the eldest son nor the baby of the family, Soren was a bit overlooked at times. That is, until his younger siblings both began developing their magic before him. In fact by the time they were old enough to go off to school Soren still hadn't shown a drop of magical ability. It wasn't just his magical development that was slow: he was late to talk, late to walk, late to develop physically and intellectually as well. Assuming something was wrong with him, Soren's parents kept him out of public view. It was easy for others to forget the LeBlancs had five children, not four, something the family encouraged. They certainly didn't want anyone to know about their "slow" child. Soren, when he was showing signs of being able to retain information, was taught enough - reading, writing, basic math and history - by the butler who took pity on him. One his parents learned he was being encouraged in this way, without their consent, the butler was sent packing, and Soren withdrew into himself. All the butler had left behind was a ring, left on Soren's bedside, a silver ring with a teal spinel stone set into it.

He avoided everyone and took to sneaking around, trying to discover things on his own. He decided he didn't need his parents, his siblings, no one. They certainly didn't seem to need him. And then one day, when he was nearing thirteen, his magic suddenly burst forth. He was exploring the family home, while they were all out, and slipped into the room the butler used to use to teach him, and touched a book. Visions of the butler, of their studies, of the people who'd studied from that book flooded him, and he dropped it in surprise. And then curiosity took over. He started touching other objects, trying to learn their secrets. It took two more years to control the ability to the point where he could always call up a vision when he touched an object. His visions got stronger, incorporating all his senses. But the turning point wasn't until he touched his mother's hand on the rare occasion she came to see him, and was flooded with her secrets. Including how ashamed she and his father were of him, of how they hid him from everyone, and how they'd fired the one person who cared for him.

Soren lashed out. Not just at her; at the whole family. At his father who had terminated the butler. At his mother who pretended she'd only ever born four children. At his siblings who ignored his existence. He still doesn't know how he did it, but he made them all forget him. His mother's lies became truth. To the LeBlancs, there had truly only ever been four children. No need to pretend, to hide him, to keep him secret. Soren made them all forget, and then he ran away.

Only once did he return home, like a thief in the night to see what his family's life was like without him. He doesn't know if it hurt more or not at all to see them behaving like a perfect cookie-cutter rich family, blissful in their ignorance. They were fine without him. But what mattered was that he was better off without them. Soren moved to Alderly, and has never returned to Linhaven again. Honestly, he doesn't miss them. How can you miss people you never felt anything for to begin with?


Soren is only capable of divination magic. This is an oddity, considering most divination mages have other abilities, unless they are a prophet. Soren's divination magic is touch-based; that is to say, he has psychometry or token-object reading. He can touch an object and call up details about its owner, where it's been, or what secrets it holds. His impressions are vivid: they include sights, smells, sounds, and sometimes even tastes and a sensation that feels like physical touches. It should only work on objects: a ring, a letter, a book, an old shoe. He can read impressions left upon them.

But lately, Soren's noticed that he's been getting impressions off of living creatures. Considering his lack of education, he doesn't realize how unusual this is. He also doesn't realize that this ability is getting stronger. In fact, he's got no idea he's developing the ability to not only learn someone's secrets with a purposeful touch, he'll soon be able to manipulate what they see and what they remember, without the use of enchantment. This warping of standard divination magic is due to him being a scion, something he's entirely unaware of. The fact he's a scion also makes his blood particularly potent to vampires, even more so than standard virgin blood.


The first impression one gets of Soren is that he's shy and innocent to the point of naïveté, and may be easily manipulated. That's not entirely true. Soren has been living on his own, on the streets for several years. He's managed not to be conned out of his money, nor has he had to resort to selling himself just to survive. Instead, he became an entrepreneur, beginning a fortuneteller business. He can tell your future, your past, find something lost, and sometimes even tell someone about life, death, and love. With a unique outlook on the world, plus his own sheltered upbringing, Soren's developed a strange blend of ignorance and wiseness. He knows some things a young man his age shouldn't, and other things he should have well in hand are beyond him.

He's got little in the way of social skills, as he was kept from school and sometimes not allowed to play with his own siblings, for fear his underdevelopment might rub off on them. He developed little to no connection with them, with anyone, which is the reason he's has few friends, and even less potential romances. He's not exactly saving himself for anyone, but he'd rather connect with someone in some way, rather than sell himself in the street -- or even in a nice place like Hotel Mosaique -- before losing his virginity.

He will come across as quiet, inquisitive, and just this side of gullible, but he's smart enough to see through an obvious trick. That doesn't mean he won't be taken in; he just might go along with something to achieve his own ends while he's at it.


Aside from his obvious skill with divination magic, Soren has learned how to survive on his own, especially since moving to Alderly. He's learned to disappear when he has to, to charm people into trusting him with their secrets. Sometimes he can attempt a reading to divine where's the best place to be - as well as the worst - which was how he would up in Alderly. He's not all-knowing by any means, but he's gotten very good and playing the hand he's been dealt.

As if to make up for being slow to develop mentally, Soren now picks things up very quickly. He is eager to learn and does so with relish. It doesn't necessarily extend to academics - he's not going to start school now, but life experiences rarely ever get past him without a lesson learned and remembered. It makes him eager for new experiences.


Soren has little in the way of formal education or friends. In fact, he doesn't know much about how people interact with their peers, considering he's never really had any. It make him seem shyer than he is, socially awkward, maybe even standoffish to some. In fact, some people may consider him downright odd. He's also got very little talent in any other forms of magic. He is definitely too innocent still where it comes to certain situations, and more than once has been taken in by some conman. It's a learning experience, and he's got a lot more mistakes ahead of him. His lack of book-knowledge also makes things difficult for him. He doesn't like being seen as stupid, but when there's so much he doesn't know, it's a frequent thing that he feels that way.

Because of his eagerness to learn and experience, Soren will sometimes get involved in situations that he hasn't thought through all the way. This goes a long way to making him seem naive. It also can put him in a dangerous situation he'll have to figure a way out of. But he's willing to take the chance. How else can you learn without experience?


The fact that he's a scion is secret to everyone, including him. There's little in the way of research in the field, so even if he had better education, it wouldn't have covered this. Soren is also a virgin. It's not as though he's waiting for something romantic: he just doesn't want his first time to be in some back alley with someone he doesn't know, doesn't feel anything for, or was paid to be with. He's not looking for love, just someone he's genuinely attracted to, and hopefully someone who feels the same way.

Something Soren knows, but doesn't understand how he accomplished, is the fact that he made his own family forget about him so they wouldn't come find him. He pretty much erased himself out of their existence, making it seem as though he'd never been born. Once, he went back to see if anything seemed amiss, but they were carrying on perfectly well without him there. It was then Soren moved to Alderly, and he hasn't been back home since.


Soren is never seen without a teal spinel ring set in silver on his right hand. It could bring him a pretty penny if he sold it, but for some reason, the idea of doing so almost scares him. He thinks it may be because it's got sentimental value, but in reality, he has an affinity for spinel, and the calming blue-green stone helps him channel his divination magic.