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Sophia Toledano
From Minysaea.
Sophia Toledano
Location Hotel Mosaique, in Alderly

All deceased.

Classification Vampire
Familiar None
Profession Dancer and prostitute
Age About 135, looks 25ish
Height 5' 7"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
PB Cassie Ventura

Born to two mages, raised in Windwick, attended Kings Academy, Sophia was working through Upper School when came the inevitable day her life changed. Rare is it someone knows when they're being approached by a vampire, and Sophia was no different. It came as a bit of a surprise when the fangs slid out the first time, and by then it was a bit too late. Sophia found herself returning for more and after bite three, she was turned.

Sophia didn't much mourn the loss of her family. Her parents didn't seem to even notice when she was around, as though she'd been some accident they chose to ignore as she grew older. Despite this, it wasn't easy adjusting to her new life as a creature of the night. She dropped out of school and went to live with her new vampire clan after a rather unexplained goodbye to her parents. After a good ten years there, Sophia knew she wasn't cut out for a secluded life and she left her clan. She began working at various bars, nightclubs, brothels, anything that wouldn't question her inability to be out during the day. She started working at Hotel Mosaique sometime after it opened and has been there for years; she looks on it as the home she's always wanted.


Having been born a mage, and turned when she was in her mid twenties, Sophia managed to retain some measure of the abilities she had been born with. Since being turned [and thus technically dying], she's developed a mild interest in necromancy.

She was born with a strength in the element of wind, though she hardly uses it to do much more than blow breezes around her when she dances. (Picture those dance videos with wind machines? Yeah, there ya go.) When she is in a temper, she can let her emotions get the best of her, causing windstorms outside, but this is rare.


Unlike the stereotypical brooding vampire, Sophia is outgoing and gregarious. She smiles easily, charmingly, and has perfected the art of seeming genuinely interested in any conversation. (It serves her well in her work; men often tell beautiful women things after coitus they might not otherwise.) She loves to dance, ranging anywhere from classical ballet to exotic striptease, though the latter is for private or small paying parties only. She loves night-time, obviously, and winters when nights are longer.

Underneath her patented pleasant manner, Sophia has a quick with and a sharp tongue that could likely get her in trouble if she doesn't heed what she says. She can be sharply sarcastic, or falsely sweet; her moods are fickle. She has favored clients, wealthy ones that dote upon her with a level of almost obsession, and she treats them very well in return.

Sophia is very very selective about who she drinks blood from. Rich favored clients she has a tendency to seduce, bite once or twice, and keep them around for good measure. She does not ever bite the third time; she has no desire to turn anyone into a vampire. When it comes to outright draining however, she only goes after men - or women - who have misused or abused anyone of the employees at Hotel Mosaique, or any of the other brothels on Silk Road. It is sadly a large number of people that fall under this umbrella, and it keeps her well-fed. Those particularly devious and evil patrons may find themselves tortured and frightened before their inevitable deaths.


Sophia has been dancing since she was a child and she is very good at it. She's very physically strong, more so that one would expect from someone of her size. When she's fed recently, her supernatural nature lends her incredible strength and often great insight.


Oh the whole not going out in sunlight thing is a pretty big weakness there. She suffers from all the standard vampire weaknesses, a secret she has managed to keep for some time. She does lose some of her impressive vampiric strength is she does not feed regularly, and this has happened from time to time. Once she feeds again however, she's usually fine. If someone is hurt to the extent they are bleeding in front of her, it's a very very strong test of will for her not to take what looks like a free offering. She'll feign being ill at the sight of blood so she can excuse herself before having an impromptu feast.


Sophia is a vampire. Since it's not the kind of thing one parades around saying, it's a rather well-kept secret, despite the fact she's never seen in the day time. Considering the fact she works all night, however, it's not very suspicious that she spends most of the day resting. She does come out during the day, but never into direct sunlight, instead spending her time in her heavily curtained sitting room, or otherwise about inside Hotel Mosaique.


Sophia is very protective of the other entertainers at Hotel Mosaique and makes certain no one treats them poorly. She protects them by any means necessary.