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Solomon Thorne
From Minysaea.
Solomon Thorne
Location Alderly, has a home in Wellmoor Downs
Family Father: Augustus Thorne
Mother: Eleanor Thorne
Classification Official
Familiar Cecily, a kea
Profession Parlimentary official
Age 46
Height 6' 3"
Weight 198 lbs
Hair Strawberry blond
Eyes Blue
PB Paul Bettany

Born in Wellmoor Downs to a very wealthy couple, Solomon was raised with just about everything he ever wanted. The Thorne family never wanted for money, and Solomon grew up rather spoiled. It didn't help that he was an only child. An illness struck his mother after his birth, leaving her alive, but barren. She doted on her only child whereas her husband kept himself removed from him. It wasn't proper for a man of Augustus Thorne's position and breeding to be seen emotionally affectionate with his son. Solomon never doubted his father actually cared for him - or for his mother - but he rarely if ever saw the man express it.

Solomon attended Kings Academy through Upper School, graduating at age 27 and immediately began to pursue a political career. He made his ranks through Parliament, and now works as a high-standing member of the advisory board. But he has his fingers of dozens of different pies, some publicly known, some not. He's been priming himself for a future as king, waiting for the prophets to be ready to name him. He hasn't been waiting long though, as he certainly never expected them to choose a young man. When Thongchai Saenamuang was named, Solomon was dumbstruck. He expected the king to bee too young to make wise decisions, but so far, they've been well-received, as has the young king himself. Even despite his unusual tastes.

Solomon hasn't made any active movements to lobby against the king. Whether that means he supports him or is biding his time, is unclear.


Divination magic, Iron affinity, Necromancy. He's also good at wand magic, and anything that requires determination, strength, and patience. He uses his divination magic to try to use visions not only to progress himself, but to learn what he can about others. He's used his necromancy similarly, finding that many secrets are considered hidden in death. Not so far as he's concerned.


Solomon always does what Solomon thinks is the best course for Solomon to achieve his goals. Sometimes this involves stepping on or hurting others. He rarely shows remorse, but there are rumors that he has a good side. Some people even claim to have seen it. These are the ones who've been subject to his false charms or have seen them in play. It's rare Solomon is ever truly genuine, because nearly every action of his is meant to further his own goals.


His ability to ferret out information from people. He can be incredibly charming, if he puts his mind to it, and uses it to get what information people might not otherwise offer. He's as sensible as he is intelligent, knowing well what things to keep secret and what to divulge as apparent weaknesses..


His ego. He doesn't think he can be wrong, which can lead to unpleasant situations. He lets his ego get the best of him sometimes, leaving it necessary for others to bring him up short, or use it to their own advantage. His magic in any other element that iron isn't much at all, and he's particularly bad with fire and lightning. Things that require a balance between control and chaos don't sit well with him.


Solomon's aspirations don't stop at Parliament. He's wanted to be king for some time. When Thongchai Saenamuang was named, Solomon expected the young king to be unwise, but so far, he's proven to be a fair man. Solomon howsoever is not about doing something to achieve his goals of becoming king one day.

His divination magic is also far more developed than he leads people to believe. He also always wished he had Enchantment magic and resents those who do.


He smokes like a chimney, but always rolls his own cigarettes. They can be cloves or tobacco, but he always has them on him. He also has an affinity for tea and the connections to get exotic blends.


Cecily is a very nosy little Kea who likes to use her divination to poke around in people's thoughts. She's snobby and rude to people she doesn't like, which is most people. If Solomon doesn't like someone, then neither does she.