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Maleenon Saenamuang
From Minysaea.
Maleenon Saenamuang
Location Alderly
Family Guardians: Thongchai and Evie Saenamuang
Brother: Hiram Wilheard Saenamuang
Classification Totum
Familiar Sunisa, a flying squirrel
Profession Time-traveler
Alias Hwang Park Lee
Age 28
Height 5' 10"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
PB Lee Jun Ki

Late in the year 302, the king Thongchai Saenamuang and his husband Evie adopted a boy from an orphanage. Prior to this, the boy lived for seven years with his family in a house in Kingston. Maleenon, whose name was Lim Bok Lee at the time, was evident as a totum early on, and his family was preparing to send him to Kings' Academy to learn to harness all his magic. But then there was a small earthquake that would not have caused too much damage...if Lee hadn't gotten scared. His magic took hold, and he accidentally intensified the quakes around his own house. It was still localized, but bad enough that heavy objects in the house fell. Two such things managed to call on his parents.

Lee still blames himself for their death.

He was placed in the care of the Kingston Orphanage, but he wasn't blossoming well at all. He stayed away from other children, often hiding in small rooms or under pieces of furniture. One day the king and his consort came to the orphanage and adopted him. Moving to the palace was a huge change for him, but Lee kept hiding. Until Chai decided to set him down and teach him control via Oni magic. Lee found the ability to use magic via a separate medium - drawing symbols - gave him better control. He graduated to using wand magic, and spell magic. Slowly he learned to use other kinds as well, though he tends to stick with what he can control.

He also learned how to be social. The Saenamuang's other son, a boy named Hiram [who was actually Evie's brother] was younger than him, and at first they didn't quite get along. But they realized they had some things in common [parent-less, adopted by the same people] and became good friends. When they entered their teen years, they became more than that.

In their adult years, Lee did research, learning that the path of the current timeline was altered horribly by one action taken by a man thought to be trustworthy. Solomon Thorne, King of Minysaea in their timeline, had deposed their father Thongchai, leading to a serious of unfortunate events for the Saenamuang family among others. After extensive study, Lee performed a ritual to take himself and Hiram back in time to stop that from ever happening.

Now back in the same year Lee was initially adopted in, he and Hiram are exploring the world they knew as children with adult eyes. And taking care not to let those who'd recognize them know them by their real names. To that end, Maleenon has chosen to go by the name Hwang Park Lee.


Lee is a Totum, and thus is capable of panmagic, or all magic types. He is best, however, at any kind of magic that requires a medium [wands, symbols, rituals etc].


Lee is very soft-spoken. It's not to say he's shy; he just rarely ever raises his voice. He thinks quite a bit before he speaks, and often lets others, especially Hiram, do the talking for him. He tends to voice his opinion only when he has something very important to say that his brother hasn't said for him. He also sometimes restrains Hiram from saying too much. He's incredibly observant, taking in as much information as possible before making decisions.


Aside from his magic abilities, Lee is well-trained in combat. Thanks to his adoptive father, Thongchai Saenamuang, Lee studied Thai martial arts, both Muay Thai [wiki] and Krabi Krabong [wiki]. Krabi Krabong uses several types of weapons and incorporates the hand-to-hand style of Muay Thai as well. He is incredibly good at both, having been practicing since he was ten years old. All those years of practice made him very physically strong, flexible, and dexterous.


Lee is a Totum without complete control over every kind of magic. He never attempts lightning magic and it's far too difficult for him. Fire, with its easy ability to rage out of control, is another weakness. Lee is also from the future, and thus doesn't exactly know how things work. He was from this time previously, but only as a child. Some things he's used to haven't been invented yet, and he has to be careful not to influence the future.


Who he is. Only he and Hiarm know that they are from 20 years from the current timeline, come back to stop something catastrophic from happening. Lee doesn't want to freak out Chai or Evie with the knowledge of who they really are.


Lee likes small enclosed spaces, and will to this day sometimes shut himself inside perhaps a closet, as an extreme form of comfort.


Sunia, a flying squirrel, is often as quiet and thoughtful as her mage. She has a modicum over varying magic types as well, but her strongest ability is divination.