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Eugenia Iris Savant
From Minysaea.
Genie Savant
Location Greenby
Family Father: Patrice
Mother: Ines
Sister: Evangeline
Aunt: Solène
Classification Suppressor, Scion
Familiar None.
Age 21
Height 5' 6 "
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
PB Elisabeth Harnois

Eugenia is the elder of the two Savant daughters, though stand the girls side by side and it's hard to tell. As the elder, Gienie should have been the one born into a Savant family legacy: the Confessors. But Genie wasn't born with the ability. Instead she was born a Suppressor, meaning one who could only do antimagic. It meant she would never follow in the line of the firstborn daughters of the Savent line. That ability was instead passed on to Evangeline, Genie's younger sister. The Confession ability has been in the Savant line for years, and is always passed to the eldest daughter...except when that daughter in incapable of using anything but anti-magic. As a Suppressor, the ability to Confess would never be achievable by Genie. Instead she learned how to activate her ability to suppress the magic being used by others.

At first, Genie grew jealous of her sister, even when it because clear she had not inherited the Confession ability and would not carry on that part of the line,. However, their parents treated them no differently. In fact, they did their best to show Genie she wasn't anything less simply because she was not a Confessor. Moreover, her diplomatic upbringing did not cease. She was still taught to be a lady, educated properly, and slowly her jealously waned. Even when it was strongest though, she never stopped caring for her sister.

The girls were close, until the time came that Evangeline was pulled from school to begin her confession work. Genie left school shortly after, not seeing much reasont o continue her studies when her magic seemed to consist solely of suppressing others'. She gave up her studies, which had been to learn about whether or not a Suppressor ever developed anything in the way of magic later in life. Finding nothing of the sort gave her little hope, though lately, she's noticed her abilities changing in a strange way. She would actually like to share this with her sister, but now that Evangeline's moved into the casino with their aunt, Genie misses her terribly.


As a Suppressor, Genie's only ability should be to negate the abilities of others. However since she is a scion, her non-ability is tweaked. As all Suppressors can, she can negate abilities around her with conscious effort. However, she can also temporarily leech someone's power with a touch. She is still learning how to control this aspect, and has yet to tell anyone about it. So far the ability doesn't harm anyone; Genie can merely borrow the ability for a time. The longer she concentrates when she's siphoning, the longer she has the ability for...and the wilder her mood shift becomes.


Genie tends to come across as a well-bred, proper young woman. As the eldest daughter of the Savant family, she was reared as a courteous and polite young woman. It was ingrained in her to be thus, but as she grew older, a strain of rebellion hit. Genie developed a desire for her own ability, not just the ability to negate others. As a Suppressor she was left with no true active powers and it gave her a sense of drive, a need to find her way and make her mark. She's full of passion and intent, but keeps it well under wraps in the presence of her family and those who would report her deeds to them.

Genie also develops a bit of a personality shift when she's siphoned someone's power. The cover of polite decorum fails and she becomes bolder, brassier, and less likely to curb her tongue or hold back. She's been careful not to let her close friends and family see this side of her yet, but she can't keep it quiet for long.


Genie can be incredibly diplomatic, especially in any situation where tempers are flying. She's been know to calm others down with words, almost as well as someone with weak Enchantment could. It comes in handy in situations where a Suppressor's ability is in use. She's very well educated, thanks to her parents. Even as a Suppressor, she was sent off to school to learn control and how to adapt her abilities according to what other forms of magic are being used. She is very skilled and has a high level of control of this aspect of her ability.


Genie has no other magical bilities, except that which stems from her scion-warped suppression. She's a little bitter about it, and sometimes lets that blind her to the fact that she could be quite powerful. Though she is educated, she doesn't have much in the way of freedom. SAhe certainly has more than her sister, but not nearly as much as she'd like. She also has little control over herself when she's siphoned power, meaning her tact and abilty to think before she spekas suffer, sometimes terribly.


The fact that she's a scion is a big secret that she doesn't even know. What she does know is that she can borrow people's magic, for a short time, and is working on learning how to control that. She's considering going back to school for the opportunity to study.


Genie usually only wears black or white. She tends towards white when she's in full control, and black when she's in one of her moods. In those moods, she tends to dress more suggestively as well, and add a splash of red.