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Conrad Sullivan
From Minysaea.
Conrad Sullivan
Location Greensward
Family Wife: Amelia; deceased
Classification Mage
Familiar Hannah, a Jack Russell Terrier.
Profession Farmer and handyman
Age 52
Height 6'
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
PB Mike Rowe

Conrad was born and raised on his family's farm, affectionately called Sully's, in Greensward. At age seven, he was sent to Kings Academy to learn to harness his magical abilities. Conrad was often teased as a child, for being a farmboy, but he slowly learned to let it slide off his back. He always intended to simply learn what he could, and then return to his farm.

He left school at 19, returning to Greensward. For several years, he helped his father run the farm. There's a fair amount in the way of livestock, grown for food. There's also a wide variety of crops that Conrad himself harvests and brings into town. His father used to routinely hold farmer's markets in the markets of Alderly, as well as Markettown in Greensward, but now Conrad is the one who hitches up horses and takes the ride into the big city.

Despite his being unused to the city, Conrad likes the atmosphere. Bustling city life is far different from his laid-back farm, and the more he visits, the more he tries to see. It was on one of these excursions he met a woman named Amelia Howard. It was one of those whirlwind romances that swept them both off their feet. They married shortly after, and Amelia went to live on the farm.

But their happiness didn't last. Only a year later, Amelia had died, and Conrad had withdrawn. It took years before he was himself again, and to this day, he doesn't talk about what happened. He's finally gotten to the point where he's ready to look for love again.


Water, Wood, Earth. He also has a modicum of Abjuration. His particular talents are well suited to farmwork. He's great at encouraging the earth to grow ripe fruits and vegetables, as well as generally keeping a farm running as it should.


Conrad is a very down-to-earth practical man. He was raised on a farm in Greensward and was sent off to school long enough to learn to control the various magics he was gifted with. He didn't like it much at school as left as soon as he could, preferring to use practicality - and his hands - for more productive work.


Conrad's finely tuned senses allow him to predict weather changes - especially those caused by wayward elementals - a few minutes before they occur. It usually gives him enough time to get in before a sudden rainstorm, or cover his crops before blistering weather. This ability could be useful to others, especially in Alderly.


Conrad didn't pick up much in the ways of politics, city-life, or book smarts when he was in school. He's got a lot of trivial and common sense knowledge, but he's clueless where it comes to things like laws and Parliament. He prefers animals to people and is sometimes less than comfortable in a crowd.


Conrad's been married once before. He doesn't talk about it with anyone, because he feels shame and guilt about everything that happened. Conrad's always been attracted to women strikingly different from himself. Amelia was a good deal younger than him as well. She was a rich girl who was used to having every whim seen to. People couldn't understand why they were even together. They should have gotten to know each other better first. He also took marriage more seriously than she did. She never cheated on him or anything; she just wasn't as serious about it. He was all ready to be settled with a house and home and kids, and she just wanted to socialize, party, and fritter away their money on things she didn't really need simply because she was impulsive.

He already had the farm, which she wasn't too keen on because it was so far from the city. Then the fights got worse. In the beginning they were petty little things that were smoothed away by the impulsive romance. Afterward, they got less petty, more about how they were actually pretty ill-suited for each other.

He wanted to end it, but she didn't because her family had cut her off when they married, making him her sole source of income. She blamed him and didn't really have anywhere to go, not to mention that she still wanted him because he was hers, dammit. It got pretty ugly toward the end, fighting all the time. Infatuation wore away until there was nothing but resentment, on both sides.

And she left. Just left one night and went out drinking. Sometimes she'd do that and he'd go bring her back, just to have another fight. But this time he didn't. Their marriage thread was worn away to almost nothing, but he still noticed when it vanished completely. She never came back that night and he found out later, she'd been killed in one of the nastier areas of the city. He's never forgiven himself for not going after her.


Conrad can almost be said to be a horse whisperer. Except not just horses. His soothing voice can calm many an animal and mage alike.


Hannah isn an incredibly energetic Jack Russell terrier. She loves getting dirty, digging around in the mud and running anywhere and everywhere. She's very friendly, and shares her mage's love of the earth. She doesn't seem to have much in the way of magic of her own..