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Thongchai Saenamuang
From Minysaea
Thongchai Saenamuang
Location Alderly, the royal palace

Spouse: Evie Wilheard Saenamuang
Sons: Maleenon and Hiram Saenamuang
Grandmother: The Dragon Sirirat

Classification Oni, Mage, King
Familiar Yoruichi, a Russian Blue cat
Profession King!
Age 29
Height 6'
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
PB Ananda Everingham

Chai currently lives in the King's palace, but before being crowned, he lived with his grandmother [picture], Sirirat [.wav file] Saenamuang. He grew up in his family house in Kingston with her, his father [picture] Chaowalit [.wav file] and his mother Gillian [picture]. Both were from high class families, their marriage one of few both of convenience and love. It took some discussing, as Gillian Lindhurst was not Oni at all, but since her family was so well-off, the match was considered a good one. Chai grew up privileged. As traditional, he began learning martial arts, as taught by his father, the same time he began attending school. Living in Kingston, he did not need to dorm at Kings Academy. His time was measured, strict. School, homework, practice, sleep. He had little free time to play, but that was normal for him. As he grew older, his abilities developed, and he discovered he had a unique power of suggestion. By speaking a particular way, he could influence the actions and decisions of others by telling them what to do. The ability made him extremely uncomfortable and he did not advance in its use the way he should have.

When he was 19 years old, just before he should have been entering Upper School, his parents both succumbed to afflictions brought on by the Leeching Plague. The devastating loss of both parents in one fell swoop had Chai leaving school, less than willing now to use his magic than ever before. He turned to law enforcement, working his way through the ranks of official, hoping to not need his magic at all. While there is plenty of money left to him, he supports his grandmother, who still lives in the Saenamuang house, while Chai lives in the palace. She used to chide him daily for being "so old and not yet married." He took to dating women solely to cover the fact that he was actually gay.

Since Chai was a bit hesitant to use aspect of his magic, his grandmother kept the secret of Oni magic from him for some time. As he is only half-Oni, and had not shown enough interest in his magic, she was unsure whether he had the aptitude and had been waiting for him to realize he cannot escape his magic before teaching him what else he might be capable of. He has since come to that realization, and she has instructed him in these arts; he grows more skilled daily.


Chai's strongest ability is Enchantment. He is capable of the following:

1. Suggestion: This is a good idea. Chai can suggest to others a course of action and make it seems as thought it's a very, very good idea. More often than not this results in others doing as he says. He does not, however, yet know how to command someone to do something entirely against their will. Thus he cannot command someone to kill themselves unless they were already suicidal.
2. Confusion: You have no idea who or where you are, do you? Chai can make it so others are disoriented, leading them to take random actions for a short period of time.
3. Charm/Rage: I'm your friend. He's your foe. Chai can influence a person's attitude toward him in positive - or negative - ways, making them more apt to be friendly toward him, or make them incredibly angry at someone else.
4. Hypnotism/Sleep: You are getting sleepy. Simply put. Chai can encourage someone to go to sleep.
5. Dominate: I am in control. The ability to completely control another, even against their will. People may or may not be aware of their actions, but they are near powerless to do anything to stop in unless they are exceedingly strong-willed and/or manage to break free of the mind-control. Note: Chai is only recently capable of this ability, but does not use it. It is not likely he ever will.

Chai also has an ability for Oni Magic. His grandmother instructed him in it, and he is continuing to learn more on his own. Chai's strongest element is water, which makes any spellwork with fire difficult. He is also skilled with earth.


Chai, on the outside, seems very reserved, very much an officer of the law. It takes a lot for him to relax, and more for him to let down his guard. He doesn't smile easily, but that doesn't mean he's not fun to be around. He's usually the quiet one in the group, more used to listening and observing than speaking. He enjoys martial arts, music, entertainment, and dances very well.


Aside from his magic abilities, Chai is well-trained in combat. He studied Thai martial arts, both Muay Thai [wiki] and Krabi Krabong [wiki]. Krabi Krabong uses several types of weapons and incorporates the hand-to-hand style of Muay Thai as well. He is incredibly good at both, having been practicing since he was seven years old. All those years of practice made him very physically strong, flexible, and dexterous. He is also very methodical and intelligent, his wit and patience serving him well in his job. He also has a very good memory. When he listens, as he is apt to do, he will easily remember an entire conversation, sometimes word for word, as though he had an eidetic memory.


Chai doesn't like using his abilities, so he does not have the control over them a man of his age should. Instead of the concentration it should take to activate and control them, he must instead concentrate not to use them. He's careful with the tone of his voice, and how he words things, but if overtired, drunk, or in any way not in full control of himself, his suggestive ability can slip out and cause trouble. He sometimes - more often than he'd like to - kowtows to his grandmother's whims/demands, as he'd rather do that than accidentally wind up "suggesting" she leave him alone. -- While Chai is becoming accepting of his abilities, he is still loathe to use them unless necessary.


Chai keeps several secrets. One he is his particular sexual tastes/appetites that do not go hand in hand with a man who upholds the law. Some of his particular turn-ons, including very detailed role-play, sometimes leave him feeling a bit guilty/ashamed, though not so much now as they used to. Chai also keeps his Enchantment secret. He does not think it would go over well if people were to think their king could use his abilities to coerce others or bend them to his will.


Chai drinks a lot of tea. No, a LOT. It's almost always his grandmother's blend. Oddly the caffeine doesn't make him energetic or hyperactive, just keeps him focused. It lends him to a lot of teasing based on his nickname. Chai is also a stickler for control. It extends to varying aspects of his life.


Yoruichi is a Russian Blue cat. She's a bit proud, and shares her mage's ability with Enchantment. She's very picky about whome she talks too and allows to touch her. She's not the most chummy cat around, but she can be sweet and lovable to those she's close to.