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Casper Newton
From Minysaea.
Casper Newton
Location Windwick


Classification Immortal
Familiar Julian, a ring-tailed lemur
Profession Inventor
Age Looks about 30, actually 205
Height 5' 10"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Dark sandy blond
Eyes Blue
PB James Spader

Casper is a known Immortal, one of few in Minysaea. Despite the fact that his inventions and experiments have helped shape the world, he never felt much need to hide the fact that he was an immortal. He mostly keeps to himself anyway, so he isn't exactly much of a public figure. But the Newton name is on many a popular invention in Minysaea, including the very spectacles Casper wears. They are known not only as glasses or spectacles, but sometimes as Newtons.

Casper was born and raised in Alderly when it wasn't so grand a city as it is now. His father, a fledgling inventor himself, recognized Casper's innate talents and tried to encourage them. He tutored his only son at home, especially since Casper's mother died in childbirth, leaving the two of them as each other's only company. Casper never attended school, and this may be part of the reason he has difficulty forming social relationships.

Casper's made a number of inventions over the years including spectacles, wrist timepieces, and other advances in electric items. He's only begun experimental magic in the last fifty years or so, making sure that his experience gave him enough skill to test dangerous and unpredictable magic.

He's currently living in Windwick, away from the bustling city, working on a recorder and image projector, as well as a means of mass transit using electricity as power.


Skilled at jinx magic, particularly spellbinding, has an affinity for electricity, and practices experimental magic.


Casper is the stereotype of the awkward inventor. He's shy and has little in the way of people skills, to the point of being oblivious at times. He doesn't exactly have close friends, but does know plenty of people by name. He's rarely if ever out of the company of his familiar, Julian, a cheeky little lemur who's more adept at socialization than his mage.


Casper is a genius at this point. He was always intelligent, with a desire and aptitude for learning, but his age has given him years of experience the average mage would not have. He has an affinity for lightning, the most difficult form of elemental magic to control, and uses it often, harnessed into his inventions.


Near-complete lack of social skills. He's not good with dating or anything resembling a relationship. He's more than a little awkward, and tends to focus more on his work than actual people. He keeps himself cooped up in his workshop, making new inventions and experimenting, often forgetting what's going on around him. He also has a stunning lack of common sense from time to time, which leads to some interesting predicaments.


Despite being over two hundred years old, Casper is not only single, but still a virgin. He's had little to no experience with woman at all, not for lack of trying on Julian's part.


Casper can go a whole day working on inventions without eating. Julian tends to bring him food - when he's not wrapped up in helping his mage. Despite the fact his name is pretty much a household commonality, Casper keeps himself so secluded he doesn't quite realize he's actually famous. He's also been nicknamed Tinker, though he may be unaware of it, since he's rarely social enough to hear it. He also always whistles as he works.


Julian is a ring-tailed lemur, and he's a hell of a lot more outgoing than his mage. He shares Casper's curiosity and willingness to experiment, as well as his affinity for jinx magic. Julian also has his mage's best interests at heart and makes sure Casper's well fed. He's also trying to get him a lovely lady friend.