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From Minysaea.
Location Alderly, mostly

Mother: Naamah
Father: unknown

Classification Demon: Incubus
Familiar None.
Profession Seducer and rabble rouser
Age Looks about about 28, but is quite a bit older. In demons terms though, he's still an adolescent.
Height 6'
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Brown-black
Eyes Dark brown
PB Michael B. Jordan

Amon likes to say he wasn't born, he was spawned, and with demon births, maybe that's not far from the truth. As it was, Amon grew in size but not in maturity, with his mother and a host of demon spawn for company. He was noticeable as an incubus early - sensibly so, since his mother Naamah is a succubus. But his temperament and skills were not akin to most incubi. Most prefer subtlety and slow seduction, reveling in the heady thrill of the chase. Amon wouldn't know subtlety if it beat him down in a back alley. His impatience makes the chase difficult, but his desire for getting what he wants will make him persevere.

Even early Naamah knew Amon wasn't quite like the others, knew he was much more like his father. She did nothing to change him though, instead letting him grow stronger. All she did was keep him well away from his father. That was the most maternal she got. Once he was old enough to fend for himself, he was left to do just that. Naamah had done her part to instill a total lack of caring to know who sired Amon. Amon's far too preoccupied with having a good time to discover family history.

Sometime during his adolescence, Amon met Murmur, and despite their differences, they became as decent acquaintances as possible. Amon wouldn't run around calling him a friend, but he's certainly Amon's first choice for companionship. Years ago, Amon first began walking among mages, playing games with them and discovering the joys of using his abilities on them. They never cease to keep him entertained whether it be sexually or otherwise. One such example is the creation of the mixed martial arts fighting arena created in Alderly. Amon is known there as one of the reigning champs. He rarely loses a fight, due in part to his demonic prowess, and in part to sheer skill and brutality. He just likes hurting people and being center of attention. Fight at the arena, and he can do both at once.

Amon's life has no real purpose or direction other than his sheer enjoyment. What would constitute playing is his favorite thing to do, and damn near everything can be a game.


As a demon, Amon's got a natural affinity for necromancy and enchantment. But to be enchanted by Amon is to be smacked over the head with a brick of domination and intent. He's not subtle in his usage, preferring to order and compel than to cajole and suggest. As an incubus, he can intrude on the dreams woven by weavers, at least the younger ones less honed in their craft. Those with more skill weave tight dreams even he cannot always penetrate. And it's rarer still he can break into a dream woven by a weaver for her life match. But he likes to intrude on the ones he can, boldly seducing the dreamers. He'd love to trace the dreams back to the weavers themselves and give them a taste of him, but so far he hasn't found one who isn't some bitter, jaded, and usually ugly hag who he deems isn't worth the effort. Sheer impatience led to the ability to even create his own dreams, without needing a weaver's ability. His dreams are never more than sexual seductions though, and he cannot boast a true weaver's talent.

He's capable of glamours, but mostly only so far as to hide his tail when he's out among the mages. He can't hide his true nature from those with divination magic, or anything that allows them to see things as they truly are. In most cases though, he doesn't care. Others have repeatedly told him with more focus, he would have far greater skill, but Amon feels sometimes no magic is as strong as a fist to the face.

He can also travel between the Demonlands and Minysaea, as pretty much all demons can.


To say Amon is intense or rough around the edges is to say a devastating hurricane's just a bit of rain. He's coarse, crass, belligerent, and downright rude. He'll start fights for the hell of it, steal a mage's girlfriend - or boyfriend, husband, wife - just to prove he can, and won't feel a bit of regret at coming between them. He likes playing games with people, and is highly amused at how mages interact with one another. He loves wild parties, fighting events, and making people do what he wants. In some ways, he's childish, expecting others to cave to his demands, and growing irate when they don't. It's just a little thing to convince them with enchantment, but not everyone is weak-willed enough for that to work.

Is there a fight going on? Amon's there. Not just watching, but participating, even instigating. He gets into fights like others put on trousers but enjoys the thrill of giving someone a beating almost as much as he enjoys sex. And he really enjoys sex. He's as rough and coarse in the bedroom as he is everywhere else, and it's not usually easy to find someone he won't piss off or even break before he's through. He tends to prefer women to men, though it's harder to find a woman who can make it through a whole night with him. If she's not at least half as fierce as he is, it's not likely he'll stick around for more than one showing. And so far, he hasn't met any woman that fierce. If a dreamer gives him particular satisfaction, he will chase after him or her physically, or even the other way around. Either way, he likes having the best of both worlds.

Amon curses like the proverbial sailor. In fact, sailors could learn a thing or two from him. His language is foul at best, and only gets dirtier in the bedroom. He sometimes gauges his potential victims by how long it takes to make them blush or offend them. Anything less than ten minutes and he's not at all interested, no matter how pretty the face. He's no fan of wall-flowers or shy little virgins, unless the pent-up sexual energy coming off them is too heady to deny.


Enchantment, though he tends to use it with the subtlety of a child. He also is very skilled at stepping into dreams to seduce a dreamer. Physical sex is one thing, but the intoxicating high he gets from sex in dreams in another thing entirely. This is the one skill he's honed to the point of being able to slip in and almost weave his own dream without waiting for a weaver. It isn't truly like weaving at all - the dreams he creates are always the same subject matter, and only ever for those he finds sexually attractive.

Amon also has a prehensile tail, which he can use with great skill. He can use it to grasp objects, issue a choke hold, hell he could swing from trees if he wanted to. However he frequently tends to use it with greater finesse, one of few things he does this way, for a very good time with unique and kinky partners.


First and foremost is his temper. He has an incredibly short fuse and can lose his temper at the drop of a hat. There's no buildup. He's fine one moment and then raging the next. He forgets his magic in those moments, preferring sheer force and physicality. He's also a very poor listener. If the conversation is dull, or not about him, or if it angers him, he will lash out.

In many ways, Amon is still childish, and acts out like an adolescent. In terms of demonic age, he is still pretty young, and often acts that way. He's impulsive, rash, headstrong and tends not to think things through. Good for him: he can get his way out of the situations he gets himself - and others - into. He may not be conventionally intelligent, but he's damned streetwise.

Amon is also very addicted to the sensation of seducing a dreamer. It's not just boredom or desire that fuels his drive to conquer. It's downright addiction. He needs it even more than he wants it. If denied, he goes through withdrawal, and that isn't pretty. Also, his abilities can sometimes be blocked by particularly strong abjuration magic, keeping him from properly getting into a sleeping mage's head. Obviously for this reason, he hates abjurers.


It's a well-known fact Amon's got no idea who his father is. What few know - possibly only his mother Naamah - is that Amon's father is a balor, a highly powerful, chaotic, and unpredictable demon. Amon's personality came straight from him, but his abilities are closer to his mother's. Were his father to know of his son's existence, Amon would likely be taken to discover greater potential. If he has it, he'll be made to join the upper echelons of demonic society. If he's already progressed as far as he can go, he'll be demoted, cast off, or worse, destroyed, as his father has done to other offspring.


Amon's got a quirky and unique accent that would sound to those of the real world to be that of an Irish brogue. People tend to find it charming, until he ruins the effect when they've actually heard what he's said.

Amon has an oral fixation, but not just his own. While he will often have something in his mouth, he'll just as often be staring at others' especially if he finds them attractive.

Unlike most demons of his status and temperament, Amon has no desire for more power of glory. He simply wants to have fun, at anyone's expense. The responsibility that comes with great power is the ultimate turn-off.