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Roleplay and Character Directory

Welcome. This page is a directory of sorts for my PSL RP characters with my partner. The links above go to my CDJ (character development journal), my icon community, my partner's CDJ, and the place I got this lovely wiki-esque layout from. The banners below will take you to the index page of each world, where there will be a list of characters I play in each of those games.

Catch All is a world very similar to our own, but various supernatural creatures, beings, mutants, and gods of various pantheons call it their home.
Covenant Keepers is a world where four young men keep a covenant of witchcraft, a secret that's been in their family line for years, but they're not the only ones.
Minysaea is an alternate world where magic and magical creatures are the norm.
Ordinary World is pretty much what it sounds like. An ordinary world with ordinary people, each in their own unique situations.
Pentamerone is a fantastic world where fairy tale creatures wind up when their own world has begun to fade.